28 Ridiculous Job Requirements That Are Making Me Want To Retire At The Ripe Old Age Of 26

    It's easy to get an entry-level job, as long as you have a decade of experience in a program that's only existed for a year!

    Looking for a job is tough, but it feels like right now, job listings are reallyyyyy just asking way too much.

    In case you're scratching your head going, "okay, well, it's a job. It's not supposed to be easy," let me show you what I mean!

    1. One job wanted five to seven years of TikTok experience! TikTok has not been around for more than five years!!!

    2. Another job listing wanted over eight years of experience for a program that came out five years ago!

    3. And yet another wanted over four years of experience in a program created a year and a half ago!

    I saw a job post the other day. 👔 It required 4+ years of experience in FastAPI. 🤦 I couldn't apply as I only have 1.5+ years of experience since I created that thing. 😅 Maybe it's time to re-evaluate that "years of experience = skill level". ♻

    Twitter: @tiangolo

    4. This job wanted eight years of experience in Tensorflow. It isn't possible to have more than six.

    5. But don't worry, if you don't have enough experience, you could always get an entry-level job. Like this one, which only required 10–15 years of experience!

    6. There are soooo many great entry-level jobs out there! They are so, so easy to get!

    7. If you only have nine years experience, not to worry. You can still get a low-paying job!

    8. Still don't have enough work experience to get a job? You can just do an internship! Just make sure you have seven years of experience!

    9. And there are some really great options for people with only two years of experience!

    10. Internships are SUPER easy! Like this one, which required you to have the skills of at least five different full-time employees!

    11. This job literally wanted 20 YEARS of experience. For $30–40k.

    Screenshot of a posting on a job board that includes in the headline "must have 20 years experience" and lists a salary range of $31,200 to $41,600

    12. And this job didn't pay at all. And it wanted you to have a PhD.

    13. This one didn't pay either. But don't worry, you can set your own availability!

    14. This non-paying job (so, volunteer work) wanted you to have your own expensive software.

    15. This job required you to do the job of at least three different developers.

    I saw this job requirement for a frontend developer and I am in tears

    Twitter: @Code_Quinn

    16. This job required you to be Christian.

    17. And this one required you to literally send money to a church.

    18. One developer job description required you be a man, which I'm pretty sure is illegal.

    I just read a front-end developer job description that includes "fun guy to work with" as a requirement. I'm here to tell you that plenty of ✨women and non-binary people✨ are both developers and fun to work with :) Can you believe?

    Twitter: @DeraLuce

    19. This was DEFINITELY illegal.

    20. I also feel like this should be illegal.

    21. This job required you to be...a capitalist?

    22. This job required you to have open availability 24/7 with no conflicts. Including, presumably, things like religious services, other jobs, childcare, and school.

    23. And these people literally wanted you to work 24/7. (Okay, more like 16/7, but you get what I mean.)

    24. This job had 60+-hour work weeks. For $16,500.

    25. One job description wanted a native Latin speaker. A. Native. Latin. Speaker.

    Just saw a job ad for a Latin teacher. Ad specified that successful applicant must be a native speaker of the language. Good luck with that.

    Twitter: @emloubarlow

    26. This accounting job required you to be able to lift 50 pounds. This ACCOUNTING job.

    27. This accountant job also required you to be able to lift 50 pounds. In an office with no AC. Oh, and there are fumes, dust, and odors!

    28. And finally, this job literally required you to be fun and "not boring."

    What's the most ridiculous job requirement you've ever seen? Let us know in the comments!