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    22 Utterly Clueless And Borderline Offensive Things Rich People Have Actually Said That Rival "Let Them Eat Cake"

    "She once said, 'I wish I was poor like you guys. It’s too much work having all this money.'"

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most clueless thing they've heard a rich person say or ask about money. Combined with some horror stories from rich bosses, we've rounded up some of the most out-of-touch comments rich people have made.

    1. "If you really care about helping elephants, you’d buy some and put them in a sanctuary."


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    2. "The owner of my former company said, when alerted to the fact that payroll had not gone through, that it was 'fine, because none of my employees are living paycheck to paycheck.' 🙄"


    3. "When I was pregnant, I was talking to a friend of mine about how I was worried I was going to have postpartum depression after my baby was born. She told me, 'Oh, don’t worry about that; only poor people get PPD.'”


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    4. "In a class, we were talking about abusive work environments, and one girl was like, 'Well, I would just quit.' Several of us had to explain that just quitting your job is not an option for everyone. Sometimes you have to tolerate a horrible job while you look for a better one because you have bills to pay."


    5. "I work in a bank so I have heard it all, but the worst was definitely a customer of ours that came in frequently. She once said, 'I wish I was poor like you guys. It’s too much work having all this money.'”



    6. “'I imagine my childhood was much the same as yours.' Said to me by a man in his family castle, as we admired his collection of classic cars."


    7. "I was talking about how the washer and dryer in our rental busted as soon as we moved in. I was worried about how we would get another one. My boss gave me a look and said, 'You can get one at Best Buy for not that much, like $600 each? That's only $1,200.'"

    "I responded, 'That's a lot of money.' She looked extremely confused. That was more than she paid me in two weeks; how in the world did she think I could afford that?"



    8. "I was having lunch with a former friend, and we were having a discussion about dental care. I mentioned that I had a tiny little discoloration on an otherwise healthy tooth. She told me I should just get it pulled and replaced with a veneer like it wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg."


    9. *The CEO of my previous company asked for a mandatory donation of $150 to Toys For Tots in order to attend our Christmas party. The donation had to be from your own personal money — mind you, at the time I was making $12/hour."

    "Here's the kicker...the Christmas party was hosted at a fancy hotel and a 'cheap' drink at the bar cost $12–$15. We asked if he would cover at least one drink for employees, and he said, 'I refuse to pay for my employees' drinks when there are children without toys on Christmas.' One year I spent $200 between the donation, two drinks, and an Uber home."


    10. "The CEO of my previous tech startup asked me if water was free at restaurants."



    11. "He told me he paid for everything for his son because he didn't want him to have to spend his own money. This is after setting up his teenage son, who is still in high school, with his own excavating business (yes, he bought him his own excavator) and saying the son has about $15,000 in the bank. WTF?"


    12. "Ex-brother-in-law suggested I apply for a job where he worked: 'Pay is terrible, only about £35K (48K in US dollars).' [The] most I'd ever earned was £27K (37K in US dollars) — which wasn't bad, especially as this was about 10 years ago — working in the charitable sector. He and my sister both earned six figures and were completely clueless about average incomes."


    13. "I worked as an au pair in France for a VERY wealthy international real estate couple. They would routinely forget to pay me, and I would often have to remind them. One time, I had to remind them several times, and they were clearly annoyed. The mother said, 'As if getting paid on time is really so life or death.'"



    14. "Conversation regarding vehicles and what features (or lack thereof) mine had… 'No, it doesn’t have a heated steering wheel.' 'Whhhaaaatt? No heated steering wheel… I’ve never HEARD of such a thing!'"


    15. "[I] worked for the daughter-in-law of a man that owns a sports team in New England. ... [It is] very well known how wealthy they are. ... They 'couldn't afford' health insurance for her four employees because it was a small business."

    "We sold imported Italian ceramics, and she would often ask us why we hadn't been to the random towns she imported from, like everybody summered in Europe. My favorite out-of-touch moment was when she was picking out a tooth fairy gift for her daughter and wasn't sure if a necklace from Tiffany's was enough."


    16. "My grandfather made a slightly terrifying amount of money working for Johnson and Johnson as a drug rep. He's retired now but still making millions from all the stock they gave him. My sister and I were having dinner with him, and he claimed that homeless/severely impoverished people 'choose' that life because they could just get a job if they put in the effort."

    "This man likes to call himself a philanthropist; in reality, he just has an enormous white savior complex."



    17. "I went to private school during the middle school years. My family was lower middle class but made the sacrifice, because the public school I would have gone to was one of the worst in the state. There were quite a few rich kids in my class. I’ll never forget one of my eighth grade classmates not being able to understand why I had never traveled outside the US."

    "I think I said, 'Because we can’t afford to' at least three times, and he still couldn’t comprehend that!"


    18. "Sales director, when discussing bonuses and raises to match inflation: 'I wish people weren’t so monetarily focused.'”


    19. "My aunt (who will never see this) complaining about money problems when she owned an apartment building in Manhattan, a house in New Jersey, and two houses in Florida after a trip to Egypt."


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    20. "A (former) friend would invite me to do something I couldn't afford and then ask, 'Can't your parents help you?' No, they have their own bills."

    "She made more than twice as much money as I did, and still hit up her rich uncle for money whenever she wanted a vacation or a new car. She was well over 40, by the way, so this wasn't a matter of being too young to know better."


    21. "I work as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) in an upscale assisted living community. One of the residents recently told me it was good I could come in a few days a week as a hobby to spend some time away from my 4-month-old daughter. She is a very nice woman, but it genuinely did not even occur to her that I HAVE to come in a few days a week because we can’t pay rent without me staying on part time to have two incomes."

    "The same day, another resident told me I needed to start getting on wait lists for the better country clubs so that we could be accepted by next summer for my daughter to enjoy activities. Wonderful people, but no concept of where I am financially."


    22. And finally... "One time, the CEO of my previous tech company asked me if $10,000 would cover the start-up costs to purchase a record player and a few vinyls to play on it."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.