These Creepy Photos Of Decades-Old Things People Found Will Either Fascinate You Or Give You The Heebie Jeebies

    Featuring poison labeled "violent and deadly."

    1. This person found their grandmother's old doll from the 1930s.

    closeup of a porcelain doll with a cracked face

    2. As if Furbies weren't already terrifying enough, here's an abandoned, broken down, moss-covered one someone found on an old farm that's DEFINITELY not haunted.

    found dirty Furby

    3. Not creepy enough for you? Not to worry! Here's a creepy doll(?) someone found on their property, along with a note that translates to "This little farmhouse gnome was found by my father the winter of 1866 inside the old bar wall. He was by then already long since deceased." I'm going to assume the "deceased" part refers to the creepy gnome and not the father, because we REALLY don't need the additional horror of this being found by a ghost.

    bearded old man doll in a casket-like box

    4. Someone found this buried under a house from 1913 along with some bones. Yep, I said BONES.

    engraved pendant reading, i am catholic in case of accident please notify priest

    5. This person found a straight up gravestone under their house.

    piece of a gravestone

    6. This person found a pair of shoes in 100-year-old concrete...and I am not sure I want to know what else is encased in the concrete.

    soles of the shoes

    7. This person found jugs made for holding/transporting human eyes.

    tubs labeled for human eyes in glass jars

    8. One person found *this* in their crawlspace (???).

    ancient doll figure with nails sticking out throughout

    9. This Bible was found hidden under the floorboards of a run down barn behind an old house.

    large old bible

    10. This 200-year-old Bible also really freaks me out. I don't know why, but I feel certain it was used for an exorcism.

    large worn bible

    11. This person found a "violent and deadly poison."

    neal drugs bottle with some liquid still inside

    12. Don't worry, this poison was just regular!

    poison bottle

    13. Someone found a tape recorder along with lots of tapes of phone conversations from decades ago in their house.

    recorder and tapes laid out

    14. This isn't quite as old as some of the things on this list, but it's definitely creepy: someone found this pamphlet about the World Trade Center from the '80s.

    hand holding the pamplet

    15. This person found a New York Times copy from after the Titanic sank — well over a hundred years ago.

    titanic on the front page

    16. And another person found a newspaper from after MLK was assassinated.

    headline reads, dr king is slain by sniper bullet

    17. And JFK.

    jfk dead headline

    18. This person found an old Air Raid instruction card that is creepy even beyond its context.

    be calm, pull the shades, turn out all lights, lie flat on your back

    19. Someone found this old computer in the woods...which is creepy in itself, even without that freaky looking bear.

    large computer with a cartoon bear logo

    20. This person found a gun and ammo hidden in their house along with some other old stuff.

    amo and gun laid out

    21. And finally, the workers renovating an old church in South Carolina found a coffin WITH A WINDOW ON IT.

    window with skeleton showing inside

    What's the creepiest item you've ever come across? Let us know in the comments!