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    32 Things That Still Make No Sense To Me About "Harry Potter," Even Though I've Read The Books A Kajillion Times

    The time travel in Prisoner of Azkaban still makes my head hurt.

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    Hello! My name is Hannah, and I love to ask questions, both incredibly stupid and occasionally smart, about my favorite movies and series.

    Today, I'm here to tackle Harry Potter, and wow, do I have a lot I'm confused about!

    1. Why did Harry's parents look 40 in the flashbacks and mirror when they were only 21 when they died?

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    2. How come aurors found Pettigrew's finger and were just like "hmm, he must be dead"?


    3. Also, I get that Peter wanted to stay hidden so people would think he was dead. But...why stay with the Weasleys so long?

    4. What would've happened if someone just, like, shot Voldemort?


    5. Can you sue in the wizard world?

    6. And if so, how were there not any liability lawsuits?

    7. Like, did anyone ever fall off the moving staircases?

    8. Who the heck funds Hogwarts?

    9. What is wizard birth control like?

    10. What the heck were Hogwarts' hiring practices and qualifications to be a professor??

    11. What happened to earlier Defense Against the Dark Arts professors before Quirrell?

    12. What did the other kids think of Harry? Was Harry considered popular?

    13. What the heck did the muggle world think was going on during the wizarding wars?

    14. I know this isn't a great question, but...why did they do Ginny like that?

    15. Can wizards and witches cure cancer?

    16. How do muggles not know about giants and dragons??

    17. Why on earth did Harry become a cop??

    18. Also, did....Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione not tell their kids that they were famous??

    19. Why do people like Snape?

    20. Was there wizard theater or TV?

    21. How come Hogwarts didn't make math required?

    22. And how did wizard families get away with just pulling their kids out of school?

    23. Could muggle parents visit Hogwarts?

    24. In Prisoner of Azkaban, if Harry only survived because his future self saved did he even get to the point where he used the Time Turner?

    25. How did Dumbledore live so long?

    26. did this happen? Why?

    27. Can Dementors cook?

    28. Also, how the heck is everyone okay with Dementors?

    29. And how did ANYONE come out of Azkaban okay?

    30. Is there a less bad version of Azkaban for other criminals?

    31. Lily and James were 21 when they died — at which point, the wizarding war had been going on 11 years. So...did it start their first year at Hogwarts?

    32. And finally, why did they get rid of Peeves in the movies???

    What always bothers or confuses you about the Harry Potter series? Let us know in the comments!

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    🔥 People in the BuzzFeed Community are discussing Harry Potter
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