19 Teen Drama Moments That Were Supposed To Be Romantic But Were Actually Kind Of Messed Up

    Side-eyeing some of these scenes SUPER hard now.

    Teen dramas are allll about the romance. You know the drill. Slow music with lyrics about love...the characters lean in...

    But sometimes...the romantic moments fall short. Even worse, sometimes they might SEEM romantic, but are actually super messed up. Below are some of the worst teen drama moments that you might've once seen as romantic but are actually really problematic.

    1. When Veronica and Duncan slept together while they were both drugged and Duncan thought she was his half sister on Veronica Mars.

    a distressed Duncan to Veronica: "Because you're my sister!"

    2. When Seth named his boat after Summer, even though he'd never spoken to her before on The O.C.

    Seth says Summer has no idea the boat is named after her because they've never spoken before

    3. When Tristan called Miles a man whore for being with girls in the past, and then Miles had to apologize to him and they exchanged "I love you"s and slept together on Degrassi: Next Class.

    Tristan says Miles humps anything that moves and says he doesn't want to be "another conquest" on Miles' list of "exotic hookups," Miles tells him the list of people he's loved is shorter

    4. When Polo watched Carla and Christian have sex without Christian's consent on Elite.

    Christian and Carla have sex while Polo secretly watches

    5. When Ezra talked about how much he was going to miss his class (while clearly focusing on Aria) on Pretty Little Liars.

    Ezra saying he'll remember his students and that there's this quote about how you have to give up the life you'd planned to have the life that's waiting. He stops in front of Aria and says, "I thought I knew what that meant. I didn't. Until I met you"

    6. When Malia and Stiles slept together at Eichen house, even though Malia had the emotional intelligence of a 9-year-old on Teen Wolf.

    Stiles asks if their kiss was Malia's first, and she nods, so he asks if she wants to try again. They kiss, and then Malia stops and says she wants to try something else. Then she takes off her shirt and they fall back on the couch.

    7. When Jackson was dying and Lydia said she still loved him on Teen Wolf.

    8. When Xander tried to use a love potion to get Cordelia to fall for him so he could break up with her and she thought it was romantic on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Cordelia asking, "You mean that spell was for me?" and Xander and her getting closer

    9. When Emily forgave Paige for kissing her when she was drunk and then not telling her about it on Pretty Little Liars.

    Paige says she shouldn't have let the kiss happen and Emily says, "I was drunk that night, and I got lost. Only I didn't really get lost. I was looking for something. I was looking for someone. And I came here" then they kiss

    10. When Serena said Dan wrote Gossip Girl as a "love letter" to her on Gossip Girl.

    11. When Angel saw Buffy through the window and decided to help her and it was suggested it was because he had a crush on her, even though she was like 15 on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Angel sees Buffy crying through the window, then tells the demon giving him advice that he wants to help her. He replies that the Slayer must be prettier than the last

    12. When Klaus tried to kill Caroline, then saved her and it was framed as romantic on The Vampire Diaries.

    A weak and dying Caroline says she knows Klaus is in love with her and that anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.  She says she wishes she could look past the things he's done

    13. When Lucas kissed Peyton AT SCHOOL and said he liked her more than Brooke (HIS GIRLFRIEND AND HER BEST FRIEND) on One Tree Hill.

    Peyton says their kiss meant nothing so Lucas kisses her and says "see? This means something." Peyton reminds him that he's dating Brooke and Lucas says "she's not you"

    14. When Blair and Chuck slept together even though she had just escaped being kidnapped on Gossip Girl.

    Blair explains that Russel tricked her into coming to Chuck's hotel by saying he was in danger and now he won't let her leave, and tries to convince him that she understands how he feels because Chuck was awful to her too. Then they sleep together

    15. When Maya didn't want to have sex with Zig and she had to literally push him off to get him to stop on Degrassi: Next Class.

    Zig climbs on top of Maya and she tells him to stop and let go, he refuses

    16. When Monty and Winston hooked up and it was framed as romantic even though Monty literally beat him up at a party on 13 Reasons Why.

    Winston tells Monty he's not gay and Winston replies "you can be whatever you want to be"

    17. When Rory and Dean slept together while he was married on Gilmore Girls.

    Rory and Dean about to have sex

    18. When Damon and Elena finally admitted their relationship was toxic and then slept together on The Vampire Diaries.

    Elena said she had to go against what she believes in again because she loves him, and so Damon tells her to stop loving him, and she says, "I can't!" then they have sex

    19. And finally, when Stiles had a panic attack and Lydia kissed him to calm him down on Teen Wolf.