17 Examples Of TV Shows Having Pregnancy Timelines So Off, It's A Wonder More People Didn't Notice

    I'm starting to think these shows are responsible for all those Yahoo Answers questions on pregnancy.

    I think it's safe to say most of us are aware that pregnancy lasts 9 months.

    However, for some reason, TV shows seem to have a *little* trouble with this.

    1. Like when Hayley was pregnant for over a year on The Originals.

    Elijah telling Klaus that Hayley is pregnant, then over a year later, she gives birth

    2. Cersei is pregnant for way too long without showing on Game of Thrones.

    Cersei telling Jaime she's pregnant in 7x05 then still not looking pregnant over a season later

    3. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy is already super pregnant at Halloween, yet she doesn't give birth until long after Easter (so at least six months later).

    Amy heavily pregnant at Halloween in a pumpkin costume, then giving birth at least 6 months later

    4. On Pretty Little Liars, Melissa seems to be showing and know the sex of the baby despite only being pregnant for a month.

    Melissa telling Spencer her baby's a girl

    5. Quinn only seems to be pregnant for 7 months on Glee.

    Quinn getting an ultrasound with Finn

    6. On Friends, Phoebe goes from not being pregnant to being super pregnant over the span of 6 weeks.

    Phoebe getting pregnant, then looking super pregnant 6 weeks later, and even more pregnant just a few episodes after that

    7. Also on Friends, Rachel is pregnant for over a year.

    Rachel super pregnant

    8. Helena becomes super pregnant super fast on Orphan Black.

    Helena with a flat stomach at an ultrasound and a super big stomach a few episodes later

    9. Blair's pregnancy seems to basically pause for the summer on Gossip Girl.

    The stylist asks if people know how far along Blair is, and guesses she's 6 weeks

    10. On Community, Shirley becomes pregnant close to the Halloween episode, then gives birth during finals only 6 months later.

    Shirley realizing she's pregnant around Halloween because Ahbed says she was ovulating then, then giving birth in May

    11. Haley's pregnancy on One Tree Hill only lasts a few months.

    Haley holding her stomach on the way to the hospital on One Tree Hill

    12. Also on One Tree Hill, Peyton's pregnancy doesn't seem to last much longer than 6 weeks.

    Peyton holding her stomach while visiting Julian only 6 weeks after discovering she's pregnant

    13. On The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette becomes pregnant before Valentine's Day but doesn't give birth until Amy's birthday 10 months later.

    Bernadette says "We'll find another time to tell him I'm pregnant" on Valentine's day, then gives birth on December 15

    14. On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Amy's pregnancy seems to last only 6 months.

    Amy holding her stomach next to Ashley

    15. On The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Jo are pregnant for, altogether, at least 14 months.

    Jo saying she's pregnant, and Caroline about to give birth over a year later

    16. On Sex and the City, Aiden has a months-old baby with a woman he met post-Carrie only a year and a half after their breakup.

    Carrie sees Aiden with a baby

    17. And finally, in Bones, Daisy becomes super pregnant while Booth is in prison, which is only a few months.

    Daisy walking in super pregnant saying "Agent Booth!"

    Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!