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    23 Pop Culture Moments From This Week That Everyone Was Talking About

    Have you listened to Evermore yet??

    Hey guys! Hannah here with your weekly pop culture recap. Here's everything the internet was talking about this week that you might've missed!

    Spoilers for life ahead, I guess.

    1. Tayor Swift announced and released her ninth studio album, Evermore, a sister album to Folklore. Spoiler alert: it's good.

    Ever since I was 13, I’ve been excited about turning 31 because it’s my lucky number backwards, which is why I wanted to surprise you with this now. You’ve all been so caring, supportive and thoughtful on my birthdays and so this time I thought I would give you something!

    Some of the lyrics referenced the infamous Kim/Kanye/Taylor feud, while other tracks included some assistance from boyfriend-turned-collaborator Joe Alwyn. Earlier this week, she also opened up about Folklore, saying the saddest tracks were about Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, and discussed her process for writing the love triangle songs.

    2. Olivia Jade went on Red Table Talk to discuss the college admissions scandal, and did alright.

    Adrienne Banfield-Norris tells Olivia, "Right now, in the atmosphere that the world is in, it's very difficult for me to feel compassionate about you"
    Facebook / Via Facebook: redtabletalk

    While I certainly don't think we should be celebrating Olivia Jade anytime soon, it was at least refreshing to see someone recognize their privilege. It was especially awesome to see Adrienne Banfield-Norris tell Olivia how much of America feels about the admissions scandal and people like Olivia right now. In the interview, we also learned Olivia hasn't spoken to her parents since they went to prison.

    3. Ellen DeGeneres tested positive for the coronavirus, shutting down production of her show until after the holidays.

    This shutdown is especially noteworthy, as Ellen's Christmas giveaways are one of the most well-known parts of the show. Ellen has stated she's feeling fine and quarantining.

    4. In other celeb coronavirus news: Bill Nye went viral on TikTok for shutting down anti-maskers, the Kardashians canceled their holiday events, and Taylor Swift spoke out against people not following CDC guidelines.

    Bill Nye on TikTok saying "I hope you can see, the fewer the masks, the more the sick"
    billnye / TikTok / Via

    Nye had a fun demonstration similar to the videos you might remember from being a kid to show why we SHOULD be wearing masks.

    5. Disney+ announced a ton of new Marvel and Star Wars series — and the trailer for Loki finally dropped!

    View this video on YouTube

    Marvel /

    Among the announced Marvel series were a Guardians of the Galaxy 2022 holiday special, Armor Wars with Don Cheadle's War Machine, and Secret Invasion with Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. Among the announced Star Wars series were Rangers of the New Republic and Ahsoka, with Rosario Dawson playing the titular character, both of which will tie into The Mandalorian.

    6. Disney also announced new Disney films, series, and shorts, including Enchanted sequel Disenchanted, which will see Amy Adams reprise her role as Giselle.

    Just Announced: @DisneyAnimation’s first-ever original animated series are coming to @DisneyPlus: Baymax!, Zootopia+, and Tiana are coming in 2022, and Moana, the series, in 2023.

    They also announced Sister Act 3 with Whoopi Goldberg, and a series for both Tiana from Princess and the Frog and Moana from Moana! There were casting announcements as well, like Daveed Diggs as Sebastian in the upcoming The Little Mermaid. Click the tweet above to follow the full thread of their announcements on Twitter.

    7. Among these films was a Buzz Lightyear project, with Disney revealing Chris Evans would voice Buzz Lightyear.

    Blasting into theaters June 17, 2022, Lightyear is the definitive story of the original Buzz Lightyear. Voiced by @ChrisEvans, get ready to go to “infinity and beyond” with Lightyear. 🚀 👨‍🚀

    Chris came on Twitter to express his excitement, also letting us know that "This isn’t Buzz Lightyear the toy. This is the origin story of the human Buzz Lightyear that the toy is based on."

    8. And the final piece of news from the Disney investor event — the Kardashians just signed a deal with Hulu to produce new content.

    Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian, along with Kris and Kylie Jenner
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    This news comes only months after the announcement that their E! reality show would be ending. It's unclear what this original content will be, but it could be another reality show. Also this week, Khloe talked about her early years of the original reality show, explaining why she was so mean to Kris.

    9. A special episode of Euphoria aired, The Princess Switch: Switched Again and The Prom came out, and Selena: The Series became the No. 1 show on Netflix.

    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection, Melinda Sue Gordon / Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection, HBO / Via, / ©Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Selena's family reacted to the series, with her sister Suzette Quintanilla (who helped produce the show, along with her father) posting on her Instagram about the show becoming #1, and Selena's husband Chris Pérez saying he didn't get involved with the show because he wasn't "trying to be a part of anything" but that he hopes people enjoy it.

    10. The MTV Movie and TV Awards, which were hosted by Vanessa Hudgens, aired Sunday night. They featured a noteworthy performance from Steve Aoki and gave out awards for the "greatest of all time" pop culture stars.

    Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar kissing through a plexiglass divider
    MTV / Via Twitter: @MTVAwards

    Some of the awards included the "Dynamic Duo" Award for Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, the "Scream Queen" Award to Jamie Lee Curtis, and the "Legendary Lip Lock" Award going to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions. The two re-created the kiss with a plexiglass divider between them.

    11. The awards also paid tribute to late actor Chadwick Boseman, with Don Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr. giving a speech about the star and how special he was.

    Don Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr.
    MTV / Via Twitter: @MTV

    Boseman received the "Hero for the Ages" Award. Also this week, Disney announced they would not be recasting Chadwick's role of T'Challa in the second Black Panther film, choosing instead to focus on the other characters in Wakanda.

    12. Ben became even more of a fan favorite on this week's episode of The Bachelorette, when he opened up about his mental health.

    13. The Grammys backlash continued, with Tiffany Haddish calling them out for asking her to host the pre-show without payment.

    Tiffany Haddish
    Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images for BET

    Tiffany joins Justin Bieber, Halsey, The Weeknd, Drake, and Nicki Minaj in criticizing the Grammys. Teyana Taylor has also critiqued the R&B category for being too male, and she recently announced she was retiring from her music career after feeling underappreciated. This week, Cardi B tweeted her support, calling Teyana's album her favorite of 2020.

    14. In other Cardi B news — there was a whole lot of drama after Cardi tweeted asking her followers if she should buy an $88,000 purse.

    Cardi. Pls stop sis. I beg of you. We’re in a pandemic with high unemployment and ppl in food lines. Do not compare ppl finding a lil joy in a $500 gaming system and you talking about a purse that costs more than the avg family makes in a year. Log off and stop being goofy.

    A lot of people found the tweet insensitive considering the current global pandemic and economic crisis. Cardi responded by posting screenshots of an article about her donations to struggling fans and medical staff. She then set up a challenge where she asked people to send proof of their donations this year to her, and she'd match them. In the end, she apologized — but did end up buying the bag.

    15. A LOT of celebs talked about body image this week, including Lizzo, Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Serena Williams, and Kelly Clarkson.

    16. Speaking of Kelly Clarkson — she just filed a fraud claim against ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

    Brandon and Kelly
    Christopher Polk / Getty Images for NARAS

    Long story short: Brandon, who works for his father's company Starstruck Entertainment, became Kelly's manager after they got married. Kelly is now alleging fraud through hiked up fees and illegal services. This comes in the wake of Starstruck suing Kelly for unpaid commissions and Kelly countersuing, claiming the company isn't properly licensed in California. This is a messy situation for the couple, who recently divorced and have two kids.

    17. Miley Cyrus was VERY active on TikTok, becoming part of a trend where people make videos saying they'll do something like talk to their crush or get married if she comments.

    chipotle / TikTok / Via, Presley Ann / WireImage / Getty Images

    Chipotle joined in on the trend, writing "If Miley Cyrus comments, we'll make a Miley burrito in our app." Miley responded, so now you can get a "Guac Is Extra but So Is Miley" burrito on the Chipotle app.

    18. And Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were, as usual, active on social media. Their week included a thirsty comment John left on Chrissy's Instagram, a dead hamster, and a family photo shoot that didn't go according to plan.

    Family shoot went...right as I thought it would, actually

    To recap: Chrissy posted a picture captioned "fuck it!", to which John replied, "Don't mind if I do." Peanut Butter the hamster died (and was replaced), and Miles was not too happy to have his photo taken.

    19. And Dionne Warwick was VERY active on Twitter, roasting The Weeknd and Chance the Rapper and praising Taylor Swift.

    Samir Hussein / Getty Images, Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

    Dionne's main issue was with musicians using "the" in their names.

    20. Pete Davidson made waves on SNL this week with a spot-on impression of Eminem (that Eminem himself got in on) and his discovery of a vibrator with his face on it, which promptly sold out.

    GFYtoy / Via, NBC

    The vibrator is now back in stock, in case you're wondering.

    21. Jenny Slate, Christina Milian, and Victoria Monét all announced their pregnancies.

    Jenny, Christina, and Victoria
    Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic / Getty Images, Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

    Jenny announced the news on Late Night with Seth Meyers, while Christina and Victoria announced their news on Instagram!

    22. The existence of aliens was "confirmed" by Israel's former head of space security, and people on Twitter had all the jokes.

    humans: can we meet the aliens yet the galactic federation:

    The Jerusalem Post published an article in which the former head of Israel's space security program, Haim Eshed, claimed that aliens exist and have been in contact with not only Israel, but also the US. Allegedly, Trump knows of their existence, and was urged by them not to tell the world because we're not ready.

    23. Any finally, Ryan Reynolds both roasted and was roasted this week.

    Permission to frame this? Or turn it into a billboard?

    VancityReynolds / Twitter / Via Twitter: @VancityReynolds

    Known for his longtime "feud" with Hugh Jackman, Ryan responded Thursday to someone who had covered Hugh's Walk of Fame star with Ryan's gin. Also this week, Blake Lively playfully roasted her husband, calling four dessert dishes her "four favorite things from Vancouver" (notably leaving her husband off the list).

    For more you might've missed this week, check out celeb tweets of the week, celeb #tbt photos of the week, TV moments from this week, and Latinx celeb photos from this week.

    See you next week!

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