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23 Photos That Show How Freaking Hot It Is In Portland Right Now

Stay safe, everyone.

In case you didn't know, the Pacific Northwest and Canada are experiencing a record-breaking heat wave right now.

Putting the Pacific Northwest heatwave in perspective— Portland, Oregon will be hotter than about 99.8% of Earth as it smashes its all-time temp record on Sunday 🔥 The only places (⚫) expected to be hotter: Africa's Sahara Desert, Persian Gulf, California's deserts 🤯

Twitter: @BenNollWeather

Yesterday, temperatures reached a record high of 112 degrees Fahrenheit in Portland. Canada's national record was also broken when a small town called Lytton reached 115.9 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.

🇨🇦 Canada didn't just beat its long-standing all-time national heat record... It knocked it out of the park by a staggering +1.6°C. This record wont even last 24 hours, the heatwave is just getting started. It is only June. Annual highest temperature is normally in late July!

Here are 23 photos that show just how wildly hot it is right now:

1. Train tracks are literally melting:

2. As are power cables:

In case you're wondering why we're canceling service for the day, here's what the heat is doing to our power cables.

Twitter: @PDXStreetcar

3. And grills:

4. Oh yeah, and people's HOUSES:

Twitter: @MollyBloom10

5. Roads are buckling:

State Route 544 milepost 7 near Everson, Wa is currently closed. The asphalt roadway is buckling and unsafe for travel. WSDOT is advised and detours are currently being set up. BL

6. Cooling centers are being opened for pets and families:

Multnomah Cpunty employees setting up the cooling center at the Oregon Convention Center. It opens at 1pm today. #HEATWAVE #portland

Twitter: @LincolnGraves

7. AC units are exploding:

8. You can literally bake cookies in your car:

9. And fry eggs outside:

10. And make some tacos in a parking lot:

11. Plants are dying:

12. Temperatures are going past upper limits on thermostats:

Just got back from a couple nights of camping to try to avoid some of the heat and...I guess we need to add a mark for 40 on the thermostat?

Twitter: @palynivore

13. Air Force members can now wear shorts:

14. People are literally blocking their windows in their homes with cardboard:

Wife and I when we bought our house: “omg the SKYLIGHTS! We’ll have so much natural light!” Today: “omg how make stop heat rays of death” It’s taken the heat in the house waaaay down.

Twitter: @secwonk311

15. Toys are melting:

The heat wave hitting BC is reeking havoc on my toy room. Things are warping/bending and figure joints seem to be getting loose and making stuff fall over

Twitter: @TheKrakenDude

16. Ice cream is selling out:

17. As are dips:

Seattle grocery stores in a heat wave just as bad as before a snow storm!

Twitter: @claireluv3

18. Even snow on the tops of mountains is melting:

Twitter: @InTheNoosphere

19. Walk-in freezers are struggling to be kept at “freezing”:

We’re at Kate’s Ice Cream in NE Portland. This walk-in freezer is supposed to sit at temperatures around -10. With the current heatwave, the owner tells me they’re working with a distributor to keep products cold and available to the public.

Twitter: @mallisonKATU

20. People are getting really creative about cooling themselves down:

It’s so hot in Portland my uncle and I filled his skateboarding bowl with hose water 😤😭😢

Twitter: @TuckerJaroll

21. As well as their pets:

22. Though please remember not to walk your dogs on pavement unprotected:

23. And finally, cans are just popping open on their own accord:

Please stay safe out there. If you're in Portland, here are a bunch of great resources for info and cooling centers. You can find tips and medical information here, as well as information for pets during heat waves here.