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    There's A Giant, Dinosaur-Like Gator Walking Around Florida Because Of Course There Is

    See ya later, alligator.

    Listen, it's 2020. All bets are off. But I have to say, I did not expect this.


    We all know weird stuff goes on in Florida. But this sight at the Valencia Golf Course in Naples this morning was...something to behold.

    HOLY GATOR🐊: take a look at this massive gator walking through Valencia Golf Course in Naples. He looks like he belongs in Jurassic park! 📸: Tyler Stolting

    Tag yourself, I'm "this guy out for a stroll."

    Now, alligators can get pretty big — the Florida records are about 14 feet for length and over 1,000 pounds for weight.

    large alligator
    Robert Loe / Getty Images

    I certainly don't like the sound of that.

    But this seems even bigger to me. Let's take a closer look here:

    Miramax Films

    I mean, this thing is massive.

    the giant alligator on the golf course
    NBC2 News / YouTube / Via

    Remind me never to move to Florida.

    picture of the giant alligator on the golf course
    NBC2 News / YouTube / Via

    Y'all mind if I–

    picture of the giant alligator nearing a river
    NBC2 News / YouTube / Via

    Of course, everyone was making references to a certain movie:

    Universal Pictures

    From a distance, it literally looks like a dinosaur — spot the difference.

    NBC2 News / YouTube / Via, Universal Pictures

    Some worried the park had a breach:

    Jurassic Park obviously needs to upgrade their electric fence.

    Some said this was pretty on par for 2020:

    2020 said “this the last act: Jurassic park mfs”

    Though others were still shocked:

    Who had Florida turning into a real life Jurassic Park on their 2020 Bingo Card? 😩😩😩

    Some people were just ready to get rid of Florida altogether.

    Jurassic Park-sized gators in Florida?!

    While others were worried about what's still to come:

    Me seeing Jurassic Park trending in 2020:

    I, for one, am extremely disturbed. Concerned. Even afraid. What else have you got for us, 2020???

    Universal Pictures

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