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    Bill Hader Absolutely Lost It At Paul Rudd Pranking Conan One Last Time

    “Whoever dies first, you have to do that at the other one’s funeral.”

    For around two decades, Paul Rudd has been going on Conan, promising to show a clip from his latest TV show or movie, then instead showing the same ridiculous clip from the 1988 sci-fi flop, Mac & Me.


    He's done it so often that it's become a huge running joke on the show — and even though we all know it's coming, it's still funny every time.

    Conan once said "You've been showing that stupid clip on my show for, I think, 15 years"

    Now, with Conan ending this week, Paul Rudd couldn't resist showing the clip one last time — even though he wasn't a real guest this week. He crashed Bill Hader's interview (to Hader's delight), and they discussed a Saturday Night Live clip they did that never aired.

    Paul said that according to Lorne Michaels, this was the worst received sketch of all time

    Paul then reveals the sketch was actually filmed, and asks producers to show the clip...and it's, once again, Mac & Me.


    “Whoever dies first, you have to do that at the other one’s funeral," Andy Richter jokes off screen as Conan and Hader cheer and laugh, and Rudd just sits there looking proud of himself.


    They then discuss the running joke, and Rudd reveals it was actually supposed to originally be a clip from Baby Geniuses.


    I, for one, am glad it's from the classic Mac & Me. 

    Rudd then congratulates Conan on this being his last week of the show, and suggests they show the Baby Geniuses clip he originally wanted to use.'s just Mac & Me again.


    The whole thing was hilarious, and people were kind of obsessed with the way Bill Hader was just having so much fun being along for the ride.


    Now, you may be asking, is it really still funny 20 years later? To which I (and Paul Rudd) say:

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    You can watch the full interview here:

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