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    17 Memes That Are Seared In Your Memory If You Were On Tumblr In 2014

    What a dark time.

    I've brought you all here today to talk about something important. Something we do not talk about enough. Something we like to pretend did not happen...and that is our Tumblr activity during the early 2010s.

    I know, I know. It's painful to go back. But how can we move forward if we don't deal with our pasts?

    1. First and foremost, it is with a heavy heart that I remind you of Tumblr Prom.

    2. As well as Dashcon.

    3. I know we all still shudder at any mention of shoelaces.

    4. If you were a Superwholock, you had an especially bad case of Tumblr obsession.

    5. It is with chills that I recall....MISHAPOCALYPSE.

    6. We all, at one point, complained about the post limit.

    7. Don't lie: you, too, mourned the death of at least one (1) fictional character as if they were real.

    8. Need I remind you of the dark, dark days when Tumblr and 4chan went to war over the phrase "What is air?"

    9. We have never come together so wholeheartedly as when we tried to decipher this photo.

    10. Regretfully, I must remind you of the earliest memes we reblogged, which included MS Paint drawings such as le sad face, Rage Guy, Trollface, Forever Along Guy, and Feels Guy.

    11. I must also bring up the focus on "ships" and "OTPs". Friendships were ruined over this. Families torn apart. All that mattered was our ship.

    My OTP was Chair (Chuck and Blair), if anyone's wondering. I will never get back those years I spent writing horrible fanficiton.

    12. It has been far too long since we've discussed My Immortal's place in our sordid history.

    13. This one is bittersweet. As much as I miss our jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio's missing Oscar, I am glad the universe was set right and he finally got one.

    I remember these memes almost as fondly as I remember My Immortal.

    14. It's time to revisit our obsession with the man, the myth, the legend: Benedict Cumberbatch.

    If you had it really bad, you called yourself a Cumberbitch. Thankfully, I never went that far.

    15. It's time to reveal the truth: you thought doge was peak comedy.

    16. You surely, at one point, called Tumblr "our world" or discussed how it could not be exposed to the public.

    It's time to own up to it.

    17. You – yes, you – 100% posted something about never going outside.

    Ah, I seem to have hit my (mental) post limit. Thank you attending my tour down memory lane. I'm sure I missed some key early fandom Tumblr obsessions — feel free to add your own memories in the comments!