29 Times "One Tree Hill" Put Lucas Scott In His Place

    Ugh, why can't you be more like your brother?

    One Tree Hill is one of the best teen dramas ever. But let's be honest about something: Lucas Scott kinda sucks.

    As pretty as he is, Lucas desperately needed to be knocked down a few pegs. Thus, we present to you 29 times Lucas was rightfully roasted on One Tree Hill:

    1. First, when Brooke pointed out Lucas's flawed logic:

    Lucas saying, "A part of me feels like ever since we got back together, you've just been waiting to push me away" and Brooke responding, "Oh, great! You kiss Peyton again and I'm pushing you away!"

    2. When Haley rightfully called him out for cheating on Brooke with Peyton:

    Haley tells Lucas she saw him cheating, but Lucas says it's complicated, so she responds, "It's not complicated, it's simple. It's really simple. What you're doing is wrong and if you can't see that I don't like the person you're becoming."

    3. When Lucas and Nathan went to jail and Karen wouldn't bail out her own son:

    The WB

    4. When Rachel basically told Lucas he's not as profound as he thinks:

    Lucas says Brooke is the one because Pascal says "the heart has reasons that reason cannot know" and Rachel responds "What did Pascal say about Chris Keller"

    5. And when she pointed out how he calls a different girl "the one" every week:

    Rachel asks Lucas if he really thinks there's only one person in the world for him. He responds yes, so she asks him about Peyton, as he once had the same feelings for her

    6. When Lucas stupidly got a tattoo and Keith proved that he was, in fact, a total savage:

    Lucas says his tattoo is an ancient symbol for fun and Keith says he thought it was for "freakin' fool"

    7. When Haley was not here for Lucas's mansplaining:

    Lucas quotes a poem called "Invincible" saying he's the master of his fate, but Haley points out that the writer of that poem is not like Lucas because he didn't have a potentially fatal heart condition

    8. When Lucas explained why he and Peyton broke up and Brooke said what we were all thinking:

    Lucas tells Brooke he asked Peyton to marry him, and Brooke responds "Are you stupid?"

    9. And when she made it clear she was not going to be his backup plan because, unlike him, she'd actually grown up since high school:

    Lucas kisses Brooke, who tells him it's the 2nd stupidest thing he's done that day, then tells Lucas they're not in high school anymore

    10. When Haley did an impression of him and it was very accurate:

    Haley squinting saying "Jeez Haley, I-I-I-I-I don't know .This really meant a lot to...Peyton"

    11. When Nathan was having none of Lucas's usual broody attitude:

    Lucas asks if Nathan is going to tell him what's going on with Haley because he's breaking her heart, and Nathan says "Lucas, this is a pep rally. Where's your pep?"

    12. When Karen said she didn't want more kids:

    Lucas jokes that he must have been so rotten he scared his mom from having any more kids and she replies "Yes, that's it, actually"

    13. When Whitey roasted both Scott brothers:

    Whitey telling Lucas and Nathan he's making them co-captains even though neither of them deserve it

    14. When Nathan was over Lucas trying to be "helpful":

    Nathan telling Lucas since he lied about Dan and going to see Haley, the next year they're no longer brothers or friends, they're just teammates

    15. When Peyton called him out for being a bad friend:

    Peyton calls out Lucas for pretending to be a friend when they haven't had a real conversation in months and Lucas has no idea what she's been dealing with

    16. When he told Haley he was leaving town and Haley said this:

    Haley calling Lucas as idiot after he says she's his best friend

    17. And when she knocked him off his high horse:

    Lucas judges Haley for getting a tattoo so Haley says "you got one. you got one with a girl you're not even dating anymore"

    18. When Brooke really humbled him:

    Blair calls Lucas a liar and cheater and he apologizes, but Brooke tosses him his sling and reveals she knows he slept with a random girl the night before, then says she's not his friend anymore

    19. When Brooke and Peyton were looking for Lucas at the bar and Brooke had no mercy:

    Peyton calls Lucas a loner, then Brooke adds that he cheats on his girlfriend

    20. When Karen was OVER Lucas's tragic hero nonsense when she asked him why he wouldn't take the test to see if he had a heart condition:

    Lucas refuses to take the heart test so he can play basketball, and Karen tells him "basketball is a game" and "grow up" then threatens to put her foot up his ass

    21. When Haley roasted his never-ending love triangle:

    Haley says the river court message is "very Peyton" and Lucas says Lindsey stopped by and left, then he had to see Brooke. Haley responds "The trifecta. How nice"

    22. When Peyton asked Lucas if he wanted to come in, then literally shut the door on his face:

    Peyton tells Lucas she didn't invite him to come in, she just asked if he wanted to

    23. When Brooke was just so over their relationship:

    Lucas says there's nothing going on between him and Peyton and Brooke replies, "There's nothing going on between us either, so why are you still here?"

    24. When Nathan challenged him to a basketball game "for their friendship," then completely whooped him:

    Nathan says "Guess this means we're still not friends" after winning the game and Lucas makes a comically shocked face

    25. When Rachel called out Lucas's hypocritical fuckboy ways and made him walk the rest of the way home:

    Rachel says she won't be used be used to make Brooke jealous anymore and kicks him out of her car

    26. When Haley and Lucas had to kiss at midnight according to the rules of the auction, and she was not happy about it:

    Lucas leans in to kiss Haley and she says she'll never speak to him again if his tongue comes anywhere near her mouth

    27. When Peyton roasted Lucas's buzzcut:

    Peyton says her haircut actually looks good, unlike Lucas's cut

    28. When Brooke made fun of the way he dramatically professed his love for her right before she was leaving for the summer:

    Brooke spots her cab and jokes "Quick! Maybe you can tell me you love me"

    29. And finally, when Peyton called out Lucas's behavior and basically summed up the whole show:

    Peyton says when she first met Lucas, Nathan was a pretty bad guy, but now they've switched places