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    People Are Sharing The Times American Tourists Embarrassed Us All, And On Behalf Of The Whole Country, I Apologize

    "I once got told by an American tourist that I spoke English quite well...I'm English."

    Reddit user u/Bugginette recently asked, "Non-Americans of Reddit, what is the weirdest thing you have seen an American tourist do that would be considered very disrespectful/inappropriate in your country?" and reading these responses...y'all, I am embarrassed.


    Here are 27 responses sure to boil your blood at American tourists everywhere!

    1. "The best one I've heard was the American tourist complaining that they built Edinburgh castle so far from the train station."


    2. "Iceland. We get a lot of tourism when there isn't a pandemic and about half are American. ... There's a ton of people who seem to think we can just flick a switch and have the Northern Lights appear."


    3. "I was in Rome and a lady was confused why the confectionery stand man wouldn't take her dollars."



    4. "'Mommy's busy baby, why don't you go climb on the big rocks?' That was at Stonehenge."


    5. "I once got told by an American tourist that I spoke English quite well...I'm English and this was in England."


    6. "[An American] talked to me in slow, shouting English as if I don't understand. He was in western Canada, where everybody speaks English, and I'd already even said something in English to him."


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    7. "I have seen a very drunk American tourist in his twenties explaining to a Vietnamese bartender in Vietnam how his American grandfather freed Vietnam of communists."


    8. "I was in the American War Museum in Vietnam, a really incredible place which shows the history of the American Vietnam War. There's victims of Agent Orange on the top floor, which was so upsetting to see. There was an American chap going around the museum with a T-shirt with an American flag and loads of guns on it and right in the middle with big bold writing, 'Freedom, the American Way.'"


    9. "I got stopped by an American tourist as I was on my way to a wedding in my kilt. That prick straight-up lifted the back of my kilt to prove I was a true Scotsman. My mate intercepted with the perfect diving headbutt."


    10. "They did the Nazi greeting in the middle of Berlin (Germany), not far from the Jewish memorial."


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    11. "I'm French, I was chatting with an American woman who was visiting (friend of a friend of a family member). At one point, we start talking about the differences between our countries. She said, 'The USA is the only country in the world with true freedom.' I thought she was joking, but she was not. I told her, 'What do you mean? We are also free in France.' She looked at me with a condescending smirk and said, 'Really?' like to make me admit something. I just nodded and left."


    12. "I literally witnessed an American college or gap year student complain about the lack of kangaroos. In Austria. I thought they were joking."


    13. "Claiming that Ireland isn't 'properly' Irish, and that the only way to experience 'true, traditional' Irish culture is to visit Boston."


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    14. "Not disrespectful but kinda funny: Bruges in Belgium is a nicely preserved town with many medieval elements. Apparently, a lot of American tourists ask the locals, 'When does this theme park close?'"


    15. "Once in the airport, coming back to Australia (where I’m from) in the middle of summer, I saw a dad and his two children wearing full winter coats. The dad said to the both of them, 'Try to stay warm, it’s going to be cold outside.'”


    16. "See them scream and say, 'I'm going to sue you.' New Zealand has ACC, so you basically can't sue for accidents, as it's covered."


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    17. "I met an American tourist that seemed very confused, so I walked up to her and asked her if I could help. She told me yes and asked me how to get to the famous alps and cuckoo clock workshops...I had to explain to her that she was in Sweden, not Switzerland."


    18. "South African here: Americans tend to have this habit where they will climb out of their vehicle in the middle of a game reserve, get attacked by a wild animal because they wanted to get closer or try to pet it, and then cry about it. I thought people that come from the country that has grizzly bears and mountain lions would be a bit more cautious around wild animals. Also, the shock they experience when they realize there are cities here and not everyone is living in mud huts."


    19. "I was in a tour group in Tajikistan and we were inside a local's house who had invited us in for tea, and he was telling us about his family and how many children they have, etc. The only American in the group piped up and asked, ‘What contraception does your wife use? Does she use herbs or something?’…Everyone was just aghast and he politely avoided the question, then there was a long awkward silence. And so she asked AGAIN! At that point, another tour member interjected and said, ‘Okay, I think it’s time for us to leave, thanks for having us.’"



    20. "Any time I've seen interactions between Americans and the Queen's Guard. [It] does make me laugh, though, when the guardsman yells at them or just ploughs through them when marching. Just leave the lads alone! They have a job to do and they are professional soldiers."


    21. "While working at McDonald's I overheard an American tourist tell his family that they were going to eat some good food, not foreign garbage, while they were waiting in line to order."


    22. "An American tourist orders a turkey dinner at a restaurant, and then flags down the server to let her know that the kitchen forgot the cranberry sauce. The server comes back with it in a small dish. After she finished her meal, someone at the table pointed out that she’d forgotten to use the cranberry sauce that she asked for. She says: 'Oh, I don’t like cranberry sauce.' So the person at the table follows up with, 'Then why did you ask the server to bring you some?!' Her answer: 'Because it comes with the meal.'”



    23. "As a person from Switzerland, I get asked if I can speak Swedish on the internet, and when I say I'm not from Sweden, they ask if I can speak Swiss."


    24. "I live in Norway and 30 minutes from my house there is this mountain called Pulpit Rock. It is the biggest tourist attraction nearby. It is not the most difficult trail, but it is pretty steep, and every year (before COVID) I would see American women struggling because they were wearing flip flops or high heels."


    25. "Not inappropriate, just moronic and facepalm worthy. Saw an American Karen scream at people in London (UK) for stealing America's place names."



    26. "I'm from a small city in Germany and an American dude in his early twenties insulted me for drinking beer in public because it's illegal. In Germany you're allowed to drink beer in public at the age of 16."


    27. "My friend described a trip to an English tourist spot, one of many places said to be Arthur’s Camelot. It required a climb up the picturesque hill to a quiet, tree-filled spot. Nothing of the castle to be seen of course, but everybody gazed out over the surrounding land, contemplating the magic of the ancient myth. Finally arrives the ... puffing American who glances about with irritation, then loudly says in that familiar accent: 'Where’s the goddamn castle?'”


    Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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