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    Noah Centineo Has Reportedly Been Cast In The Upcoming GameStop Stock Movie

    Is anyone surprised?

    Man, January was a whirlwind. It already feels like forever ago, but just last week, the internet was absolutely obsessed with the stock market after a bunch of people on Reddit purchased a large number of GameStop shares.

    A GameStop storefront
    Pat Mazzera/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

    The renewed interest in stocks had many rewatching movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short.

    In fact, a film about the events is already in development, said to be released by Netflix.

    Noah Centineo has been cast in an untitled film about the Wall Street chaos from GameStop’s stock skyrocketing due to Reddit. It will be released by Netflix with Mark Boal in talks to write the script. (Source: Deadline)

    And today, it was reported that the movie already has a star: Noah Centineo.

    Noah Centineo smiling on a red carpet
    Gregg DeGuire / FilmMagic

    You probably know Noah from playing Peter Kavinsky in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before series.

    Noah in To All the Boys I've Loved Before

    ...But you might also know him from any number of the other Netflix films he's appeared in.

    Promotional posters for Sierra Burgess is a Loser, the Perfect Date, and SPF-18
    Netflix / Alex Israel / courtesy Everett Collection

    This includes all three TATBILB movies (the last of which has not been released yet), The Perfect Date, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, SPF-18, and Swiped.

    The news that Netflix has cast Noah yet again sent Twitter in a tizzy, with one person joking that a bot had selected Noah to star in the film:

    this movie is being directed by the Netflix algorithm

    Twitter: @thatSammyKay

    Some were already picturing the film:

    can’t wait for the scene where the nerdy redditor character explains the stock market in super complex terms and noah’s character responds “ummm english please??”

    Twitter: @dannygonzalez

    And others were just wondering how it happened:

    no because who looks at the gamestop stock market situation and goes “hm. this would be good as a netflix movie. call up noah centineo NOW”

    Twitter: @alterego

    Though some were jealous of the tight relationship between Noah and Netflix:

    i need someone to love me just how netflix loves noah centineo this valentines day

    Twitter: @L4DYBlRDFlLMS

    Comparing it to the one between Lucas Hedges and A24:

    noah centineo is to netflix what lucas hedges is to a24

    Twitter: @kescapism

    But overall, most people were unsurprised:

    Netflix will hold onto Noah Centineo like their life depends on it

    Twitter: @__saduu123

    Here are some memes I made on the topic, for your enjoyment:

    A man with a caption that says Netflix lustily looking at a beautiful woman with a caption that says Noah Centineo while the man's significant other (with a caption that says "literally any other actor) looks on disbelief
    AntonioGuillem / Getty Images

    One more...

    Bernie Sanders saying "I am once again casting Noah Centineo" with a fake Netflix logo in the corner
    Bernie Sanders / Via Twitter: @BernieSanders

    ...Okay fine, I'm done.

    An animated graphic that labels "Cast Noah Centineo" as Phase 1, a question mark under Phase 2, and Profit under Phase 3
    Comedy Central

    I, for one, cannot wait to see Noah Centineo continue to live his best life as Netflix's sweetheart, though I don't know how I feel about a GameStop stock movie. Oh, well. You do you, babe!


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