19 Seemingly Nice Men Who Revealed Their True Selves After A Date Or Two And Show Just How Frustrating It Is To Date As A Woman

    People really think they're entitled to your time and body because they bought you some food once.

    I'm sure you've heard all about Nice Guys — AKA men who claim to be nice while feeling entitled to female attention and often turning on them when rejected. However, have you ever thought to yourself...what if someone did give one of these Nice Guys a chance?

    Maybe the person didn't realize the guy was a Nice Guy, or maybe they thought the guy was actually just nice — but then the Nice Guy revealed their true colors pretty quickly when they demanded sex in exchange for dates or turned toxic and controlling.

    It's just another scary and frustrating part of modern dating as a woman (or even just TALKING to guys on dating apps) — especially because these Nice Guys feel even more like they are owed something since you "seemed interested" by speaking to them or dating them. They're also more likely to know more about you and be able to track you down.

    Here are 19 Nice Guys who revealed their true colors after talking or briefly dating.

    Warning: These messages include bullying as well as racist and sexist language.

    1. This woman wanted to take things slow, and this Nice Guy (who she worked with, btw) said he wasn't "strong enough to deal with [his] own sexual feelings" when the two of them cuddled.

    A man tells a woman she can't ask him to cuddle and expect him not to want to do something more, or as he says, "sit on the sidelines like some kind of cuck"

    2. This woman had to cancel a date because something came up, and her date called her 28 times from five different numbers over the course of an hour.

    3. This person matched with a guy on Hinge and had one phone call — ONE — that led to him spamming her from five different phone numbers and sending unsolicited nudes.

    Another long rant from multiple phone numbers, this one claiming the woman must not be serious about finding a relationship because she won't respond to his messages

    4. This person literally went on one date with this man and he already proved himself controlling and creepy.

    The woman says she can't go on a date because she has plans with friends, and the man responds with a guilt trip about how she's not making him a priority

    5. This guy also showed his true colors as a creep after date #1.

    The man asks the woman how often she wears thongs, because he could tell she was wearing one last night; she takes a bit to respond, and he goes on a rant about how she must be giving a blowjob to a douchebag

    6. This woman forgot to reply to a guy from a dating app for a day, and he CAME TO HER HOUSE.

    The man asks if the woman is home because he came to check on her, she says him knowing where she lives makes her feel unsafe, and he says she has a mental issue

    7. This was also after a single date. Note the time and date stamps on these texts.

    A man sends a text chain after their date, the woman says she feels smothered by him, he says he'll tone it down, then proceeds to text her every couple hours and then guilt trips her when she says he's too intense

    8. This person texted this Nice Guy for two days. When they politely rejected them, this is how the Nice Guy reacted.

    The woman says the man came on too strong and he should find someone who wants the same things, and the man replies with a profanity-laced tirade about what a bitch she is

    9. After this man was rejected (after a single dinner date), he demanded payment for half. When the woman didn't reply, he found her family online and started demanding the money from them.

    The man's unanswered texts ask the woman for money, then there's a screenshot of him texting her family and saying "tell her she has seven days to pay"

    10. This Nice Guy actually rejected the woman after a single date — but when the woman agreed, he decided it was no longer okay.

    He breaks things off, she says she agrees it wouldn't work out, and he sends seven pages of unanswered texts about how she's not good enough but he'll wait for her to get therapy

    11. This was after a single date.

    The woman says she's too busy to meet up again, and the man sends sexually explicit texts about what he'd like to do with her

    12. This Nice Guy completely lost it after a board game date because they didn't play the board game he wanted to play.

    The man sends a long text about how he feels disrespected, the woman is confused, and the man specifies that he wanted to play a different game

    13. This Nice Guy got a chance with a girl, then decided to go off on her when she said she didn't want to cook him dinner on the first date.

    The man asks out the woman, she says yes, he says he wants to try her home cooking, she says maybe on date 2 or 3, and he responds with a pages long rant about how that's not necessary and how important sexual chemistry is

    14. This Nice Guy really shot himself in the foot, but I'm glad he did, because this woman dodged a bullet.

    The woman says she has homework so needs to reschedule, the man says he was expecting her to ghost him, she calls him mean, he says he's blocking her, then he asks her out again days later

    15. This Nice Guy decided to go for the classic "you can't take a joke" defense when a woman didn't want to have sex because her mom was in surgery.

    The man accuses the woman of lying and using up her excuses to avoid going out with him, she says "sorry sex with you isn't my #1 priority" and he claims he was joking

    16. This Nice Guy took a non-response after a single date and a weird comment as an excuse to be racist.

    The man asks if she's interested, when she doesn't respond he says he'd never go out with her anyway but was curious what sex with an Asian girl is like

    17. This woman actually started out excited to talk to the guy she'd had a crush on as a teenager, but things went downhill fast when she didn't immediately make plans with him.

    The man goes on a long rant about how the woman needs to be more available, then condescendingly lectures her about how she's not good enough for a relationship with him

    18. These two hadn't even gone out yet, and this creep assumed they'd sleep together right away.

    The man asks if the woman is on birth control, she responds by canceling their date, he claims to have double booked her with another date anyway, then continues asking her to go out with him and when she doesn't respond, he says his mom died

    19. And finally, this guy hadn't even MET this woman yet and he got angry the Plenty of Fish app showed that she had recently checked it.

    The man gets angry the woman didn't text him to say good morning, she calls him dramatic, and he launches into a rant about what she should have done and how she should treat people

    This actually went on even past the above messages, and then he started texting her from another number too.

    texting her from a different phone saying "you'll probably never find love" with a middle finger emoji

    Have you ever dated or started talking to a seemingly nice guy, only to realize he was a toxic creep? Let us know in the comments!

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