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My Mom Has A Huge Crush On These 15 Celebrities — How Many Of Them Do You Also Find Attractive?

Did you, like my mom, suffer through The Tooth Fairy just because The Rock was in it?

As we all know, there are some celebs that moms just love.

Pierce Brosnan, Jason Stratham, and Vin Diesel

Well, my mom is PARTICULARLY distinguished in her taste in celeb men. Seriously, she has some VERY strong opinions. But is it just her, or are these dudes super hot to the general population?

me and my beautiful mother

Take the quiz below to weigh in!

Tell us which celebs YOUR mom has a crush on in the comments! Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this closing text from my mother — Michael B. Jordan, stay AWAY from my mom. She's taken.

text saying "and of course dad is my number one"