21 Iconic Movie Twists Revealed In A Single Second That Changed Everything

    "Sammy didn't have a wife. It was your wife who had diabetes."

    1. In Get Out, when Rose revealed she had been playing Chris all along:

    2. In Frozen, when Hans turned out to be the bad guy instead of Anna's true love:

    Hans goes to kiss Anna, then stops, saying, "Oh, Anna. If only there were someone out there who loved you"

    3. In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader revealed he was Luke's father:

    4. In Promising Young Woman, when Cassie found out that Ryan witnessed Nina's assault:

    5. In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, when Gale revealed District 13 was gone:

    6. In Kill Bill: Volume 1, when it was revealed that the Bride's daughter was alive:

    7. In Crazy Stupid Love, when it was revealed that Hannah was "Nana" — aka Cal and Emily's daughter.

    Hannah walks out (being called "Nana") and Jacob sees Cal, who asks what he's doing there

    8. In Parasite, when it turned out the housekeeper's husband was living in the basement:

    Chung-sook looks on in shock as Moon-gwang feeds her husband

    9. In Scream, when Billy and Stu were revealed to be the killers:

    10. In The Planet of the Apes, when Taylor stumbles across the Statue of Liberty and realizes he's on Earth:

    Taylor sees the statue of liberty on the beach and says "oh my god, i'm back, i'm home"

    11. In Jojo Rabbit, when Jojo came across his mom hanging:

    12. In Fight Club, when it was revealed that Tyler and the Narrator were the same person:

    The Narrator realizes they're the same person and Tyler says "That's right"

    13. In The Uninvited, when Anna realized that Alex died in the fire and she had killed Rachel:

    Anna's father saying that Alex is dead and Anna looking down to see the knife in her hand

    14. In Psycho, when Marion's killer/Norman's mother was revealed to be Norman:

    Lila sees a woman and says "Mrs. Bates?" but then sees it's a skeleton and screams. Norman walks in dressed as his mother with a knife

    15. In The Shining, when Wendy finally saw what Jack was writing:

    16. In Memento, when it turned out Leonard had killed his wife — and also that he'd killed "John G" already.

    Teddy telling Leonard that Sammy didn't have a wife and that Leonard's wife was the one with diabetes

    17. In Arrival, when it was revealed that Banks's memories of her daughter were actually visions of the future:

    Louise asks who the child is and Costello says she sees the future

    18. In The Village, when it turned out it was modern times and the "monsters" were just members of the village:

    Ivy escapes the fence and a man in a truck sees her

    19. In Saw, when Jigsaw revealed himself to Adam as the apparent corpse they'd seen in the beginning:

    Jigsaw rises as Adam looks horrified

    20. In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, when Peeta attacked Katniss:

    21. And finally, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when the Winter Soldier was revealed to be Bucky:

    Bucky turns with his mask off and Steve says "Bucky?"

    What movie twists that happened in a single scene, line, or moment blew your mind? Let us know in the comments!