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    People Are Losing It At This Guy's Mortifying Pooping-At-Work Fail

    Talk about a crappy situation...

    Look, we all have embarassing poop stories. Maybe you clogged the toilet on a date and had to carry the poop in your purse. Maybe you used a poop knife. But, you guys...I think this one may take the cake.

    Last month, TikTok user @staticappeal posted about the wild poop experience he had at work. And honestly, everyone needs to hear this to believe it.


    Since tiktok took it down, here it is again 😩😭

    ♬ original sound - AUSTIN

    The story starts out simple enough.

    Austin says he was in the bathroom on break, then asks if you know what toilet seat covers are

    However, Austin forgets one big detail: to punch out the middle of the seat cover.

    Austin uses a cover but doesn't punch out the middle — he says that's important for later

    Austin then had a successful poop: "I lost so much weight, I thought I could fly." Which, relatable. And then...things start to go amiss.

    Austin is done, stands up, and realizes the cover is stuck to his butt. He reaches for it and it falls off


    the cover, with the poop on it, slides under the stall next to him, where it hits his manager's feet

    Austin explains that his coworker knew it was him by his shoes. So he had no choice but to fix the situation in the only way he knew how.

    Austin says because he's not Satan, he reached under the stall to grab it

    According to Austin, the entire management at his job found out about his TikTok and were surprisingly enthusiastic! Although he says he definitely avoided making eye contact with his department manager after that.

    Whew...that was a wild ride. To see more of Austin's hilarious content, follow him on TikTok! Also, check out his awesome photography on his Instagram!