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    39 Of The Worst Lines Of Dialogue I Can't Believe We Let Teen Shows Get Away With

    "You're all minorities. You're in the Glee Club."

    1. When Buffy went up against The Master and said this on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    2. When Whitey compared a high school gym to a church, and Lucas said this on One Tree Hill:

    Lucas says "I'd say those people who pray here are wasting their time. God doesn't watch sports"

    3. When Veronica uttered this iconic line on Riverdale:

    "because we're endgame, Archie"

    4. When Rachel invented a new word on Glee:

    5. When Joey compared herself to a blob of paint on Dawson's Creek:

    "Dawson, I don't mean to sound like a blob of paint, but can we just let this one thing remain unresolved for now?"

    6. And when Pacey said this to Joey:

    7. When Glory was told she was crazy and had this reply on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    8. When Scott realized he was the "hot girl" who everyone wanted on Teen Wolf:

    9. When Hanna randomly used Wizard of Oz for this sick burn on Pretty Little Liars:

    10. And when she had a lot to say about Justin Bieber:

    11. When Ben and Amy had this exchange on Secret Life of the American Teenager:

    Amy: "I am such a whore" Ben: "well, you're my whore"

    12. When Jughead had his whole "I'm a weirdo" speech on Riverdale:

    13. When Will said this in all seriousness on Glee:

    Will telling the club "Because you're all minorities. You're in the glee club"

    14. When Archie gave this speech about football to his cellmates in juvie on Riverdale:

    15. When Peyton had this eloquent way of describing herself on One Tree Hill:

    16. When Josie took the cat metaphor a little too far on Riverdale:

    17. When Scott showed up to save Jackson and reminded Derek that he was a co-captain on Teen Wolf:

    Derek saying to Jackson "No one cares that you're captain of the lacrosse team" and Scott cutting in to say "Excuse me! Co-captain"

    18. When Quinn shot Katie on One Tree Hill and made the ambulance wait so she could say this line:

    "I'm your storm"

    19. When Ethel used the fandom term "ship" on Riverdale:

    20. And Jughead actually used their ship names:

    21. When Chuck really thought his legacy was known throughout Europe on Gossip Girl:

    22. When Brooke made her feelings clear on One Tree Hill:

    23. And so did Cheryl on Riverdale:

    24. When Ezra said this unironically on Pretty Little Liars:

    25. When Blair called Chuck, Nate, and her the "non-judging Breakfast Club" on Gossip Girl:

    Blair telling Serena "We don't judge. We're the non-judging Breakfast Club"

    26. When Malia casually brought up the fact that she'd killed her entire family on Teen Wolf.

    27. When Caleb said this...truly upsetting line on Pretty Little Liars:

    28. When his brother and friends were dying and Lucas took the opportunity to point out how long it took for an ostrich egg to boil on One Tree Hill:

    Lucas saying "Things that take 14 minutes. Boiling an ostrich egg. Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video. It also takes 14 minutes to get from the Molina Bridge to Tree Hill Hospital. In these 14 minutes, three lives hung in the balance"

    29. When Damon was a little too on-the-nose on The Vampire Diaries:

    30. And so was Sabrina when she was actually talking about Satan on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:

    31. When Veronica adapted to the overdramatic Riverdale way of speaking right from the start:

    32. When Blair described her feelings in a very un-teenager-like way on Gossip Girl:

    33. When Stefan was a little bit too melodramatic on The Vampire Diaires:

    34. When Spencer eloquently made her point on Pretty Little Liars:

    35. ...And again:

    36. When Blair made a SUPER-cheesy metaphor before actually betting money on Gossip Girl:

    37. When Eric noticed everyone was flustered on Gossip Girl and brought up the show's past storylines:

    "Okay, whoa, just tell me that no one's trying to stop a wedding, run a Ponzi scheme, give anybody fake cancer, or turn into a justifiably vengeful townie?"

    38. When Brooke made an interesting threat on One Tree Hill:

    "Unless you'd like your next period to come out of your nose"

    39. And finally, when Elena told Stefan she was with Damon on The Vampire Diaries and Stefan responded like this:

    "And just like that, the hunger returns"

    I have more, but I have to stop before I start talking like I'm on Riverdale. Let me know any I missed in the comments!