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    29 Karens Being Karens For Anyone Who's Sick Of Dealing With Them

    "I will be putting in a horrible Google review."

    1. This Karen threatened to call the cops over 25 cents:

    2. These two Karens blocked two prime parking spaces for their family that was "around the corner" (Sure, Jan):

    two people standing in parking spaces blocking them so cars won't park there
    u/broomshed / Reddit / Via

    3. This person literally could've just gone and ate at a restaurant, but decided to complain instead:

    4. This person compared COVID restrictions to Nazi Germany:

    5. This Karen was mad guests wouldn't donate $1500 to her wedding:

    6. This Karen couldn't handle the fact that her travel agent was on Christmas vacation:

    one star review complaining about an agent not replying to calls for four days in december, and later hanging up on them— the owner replied to say he was on christmas vacation, and that he didn't hang up on them
    u/Theorist816 / Reddit / Via

    7. A giant fallen power line fell on someone else's car, and this woman decided to complain about her personal inconvenience:

    8. This person expected literally celebrity-level treatment as a consolation for their plans being cancelled due to COVID:

    9. This Karen not only refused to wear a mask, but also refused to close the door while waiting for her order:

    10. This Karen spun a wheel about what to complain about that day and landed on self checkouts:

    11. This Karen expected her fridge to be pre-cooled (??):

    12. This Karen simply could've changed the channel:

    tweet: "watching ... #MileysNewYearsEveParty ... THEY KNOW it's on at a time when kids will watch, if even for Miley & they're talking about boners, erections, pot, etc. MAKES ME SICK! ... They're constantly trying to corrupt our kids!"
    u/staplerjell-o / Reddit / Via

    13. This women wanted an entire store to change its name:

    facebook post asking store called Sexy Land to change their name because the poster's kids hear their ads on the radio and see the store out the car window and ask questions
    u/benjiwragg / Reddit / Via

    14. This Karen used a fake service dog at an airport:

    u/AggravatingRaisin73 / Reddit / Via

    15. This Karen was upset they didn't get free dessert:

    16. This Karen was angry that they got in trouble for literally stealing:

    17. This Karen complained about a free drink:

    18. This Karen decided her town was now "a ghetto" because garage sales didn't have boys clothes:

    19. This Karen believed removing a coupon was "corrupt":

    20. This man literally posted on a crime watch page because he didn't get his Burger King discount:

    21. This Karen policed what kind of candy her neighbors gave:

    22. This Karen decided not to check the map for a parade's route then got mad it didn't pass her house:

    23. This Karen was angry someone paid for her drink:

    24. This Karen knocked a star off her recipe rating because SHE messed up:

    25. Similarly, this Karen left negative feedback about her own mistake:

    26. This woman was a special limited-edition Christmas Karen:

    27. This Karen displayed both hallmarks of a Karen — racist and entitled:

    28. This Karen really thought this was "too funny not to share":

    29. And finally, this woman was mad her fast food came like...well, fast food: