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    23 Blatant Mistakes That I Can't Believe Are From Award-Winning Films

    I hate to break it to you, but The Godfather actually has some pretty bad ones.

    No film is perfect. feels fair to expect films nominated for multiple awards (especially ones related to editing) to be pretty mistake-free. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

    Here are 23 errors from award-winning films you may not have noticed at first. In fact, let's see if you can spot them now, shall we?

    1. Can you spot the issue in this scene from Elvis, which is nominated for a whopping EIGHT Academy Awards this year?

    Stuck? Click to reveal the error.

    2. In Baby Driver, which was nominated for three Oscars and two BAFTAs (winning one), there's a pretty blatant error with Jon Hamm's character in one scene.

    Can you see the issue?

    In case you couldn't tell, the purple lights on Buddy's glasses go between on and off in the scene. Here it is in GIF form!

    3. Something similar happens in Pretty Woman, which was nominated for one Oscar and four Golden Globes (winning one).

    Hint: Check out what she's eating.

    Watch the scene here (the shift happens between 0:32 and 0:38).

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    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Via

    4. The Wizard of Oz is one of the most famous films of all time (winning two of the six Oscars it was nominated for), but that doesn't mean it's immune to errors! Like in this scene.

    Could you spot what was wrong in the photo? Here, I've pointed it out for you.

    5. The Godfather is one of the most celebrated films of all time. But it's not immune to mistakes, and this one is pretty bad. Can you see it?

    If you can' special attention to the bullet hole in McCluskey's head.

    When Michael shoots McCluskey the first time, we see a bullet hole in his head in the wide shot. But just before Michael shoots again, we flash to McCluskey's head...with no bullet hole in it. Michael's second shot is to the head, and the wound then reappears. You can see the scene here (the moment comes at 2:01).

    View this video on YouTube

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    6. Another one from The Godfather — notice anything wrong with this punch?

    Watch it again, slowed down.

    His fist doesn't even swing anywhere near him! You can watch the scene here (the punch is at 0:28).

    View this video on YouTube

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    7. Luca was nominated for an Oscar in 2021 (though it lost to Encanto). Can you spot the error in this scene from the credits?

    There's a...kind of major mistake here.

    8. You're probably used to hearing about All Quiet on the Western Front because it's nominated for Best Picture this year, but you may not know there was a TV movie version in 1979 that won a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Still, it's got its issues. Notice anything off in this photo?

    Stuck? Click to reveal the error.

    9. Similarly, we talked about Dune a lot last year — but that wasn't the first adaptation of the famous sci-fi book. There was another Oscar-nominated adaptation in 1984...and there's a bit of a funny error.

    Don't see it? Watch behind the guy on the left. Looks like a background actor tripped and fell.

    You can also see the fall at 2:21 here.

    View this video on YouTube

    Universal Pictures / Via

    10. Green Book won Best Picture in 2019, but that doesn't mean there's no errors...can you spot the problem here?

    Hint: You gotta be reallll careful with those reflections.

    11. The Truman Show was nominated for three Academy Awards in 1999. But there's an error when Truman tries to escape in his car.

    Can you spot it? Look again.

    12. One final Godfather one — but this one's from the third installment. Notice any issues on this newspaper?

    Look more closely. Remember, this movie was set in 1980.

    13. The Hunt for Red October won an Oscar (for Best Sound Effects Editing), but there's still a clear issue in this scene. Can you spot it in this photo?

    Look again.

    14. Blade Runner, which was nominated for eight BAFTAs (including Best Editing), a Golden Globe, and two Oscars, has a slight issue in the below scene. Can you spot it? I've adjusted the brightness.

    What about now?

    You can see it even more easily in this GIF — in fact, it looks like there are actually three shadows.

    15. What's the issue with this image from No Country for Old Men (nominated for eight Oscars, winning four)? Considering it's set in 1980.

    Hint: Look at the car in the background.

    16. Forrest Gump is known for its stellar editing — such as editing footage of JFK and Forrest together. But that doesn't mean it's here:

    Can't spot the issue? Look again.

    17. The Incredibles is not only a beloved animated film, but also an Oscar-winning one. However...some of the animation is not quite up to par. Check out this still.

    Don't see the issue? Look again.

    Or watch it in slowed-down GIF form here.

    18. Jurassic Park — which was not only hugely successful at the box office, but won three Oscars — actually has a good number of errors. Like this one!

    There's a *small* issue here...

    19. Another one from Jurassic Park — and I won't make you click to reveal this one, as you really only notice if you slow the clip down — comes in the scene when the T-Rex attacks the velociraptor. The velociraptor literally disappears for a moment. Guess they didn't use real dinosaurs! (Before you come for me in the comments, that was a joke. I'm joking.)

    20. House of Gucci was in the awards season conversation last year. But...did it deserve all that hype? Check out this error.

    Don't see it? Look again.

    21. Notice anything off in this scene from Alien (which won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects)?

    What about now?

    22. And finally, let's end with two from Goodfellas (nominated for six Oscars, including Best Film Editing). See the issue?

    Here's the error pointed out.

    23. And one last example from Goodfellas...

    If you're lost, look at the license plate on the car in front of the blue car.

    What's a mistake YOU noticed in an award-winning film? Let us know in the comments!

    H/T: r/MovieMistakes