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31 Christmas Fails That Show Just How Far We've Strayed From God's Light

It's the most phallic-ful time of the year.

1. This is supposed to say "Let it snow."

2. These socks were reallll festive.

3. Next time, make sure to stick your Ws on a little more carefully.

4. People really gotta be more careful about Christmas lights.

5. Like, maybe don't use two circles below your candle-shaped lights.

6. This church probably could've used a second pair of eyes on this Christmas service ad.

7. It's actually impressive that not one person at this company saw a problem with this special logo for Christmas.

8. Target could've maybe reordered these words.

9. This is why no one uses cursive. It's dangerous.

10. Finally, a contest I can win.

11. What is even the purpose of this green rod??? And don't say "procreating."

12. Whoever designed these "Christmas trees" has obviously never seen a butt plug.

13. What is Biden's plan for the plethora of butt plug–shaped Christmas objects???

14. It's a national problem.

15. And the person who designed this toilet paper had clearly never gotten a period.

16. These snowmen look a little too happy about their arrangement.

17. This vagina cookie is a steal.

18. This Christmas rubber duck is possessed by Satan himself.

19. I love getting in the Christmas spirit by dismembering Santa.

20. The Santa watching from the floor has gotta be my favorite part of this display.

21. Reallll festive.

22. That's gonna be a real stinky Christmas.

23. Although apparently some people are into that.

24. In fact, I'm starting to seriously doubt the judgement of anyone who designs mall Christmas displays.

25. Like...SERIOUSLY, doubt.

26. ...Need I say more?

27. the snow-person doing here?

28. I only wish I could come up with a caption this good.

29. In a workplace??? I'm calling HR.

30. Don't worry, y'all. They're just cheeks.

31. And finally, this one isn't even dark or inappropriate, but it's just making me laugh.