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    Men Should Never Make Decisions About A Woman's Body, And These 33 Comments From Men Are Exactly Why

    One of these dudes literally thought the eggs in your ovaries have SHELLS on them.

    Note: This post contains mentions of sexual assault.

    1. This guy thought there was a "flash of energy" that creates a person from an egg as soon as the sperm reaches it.

    2. This person thought people can tell they're pregnant after just days.

    3. This man thought ovum had SHELLS on them.

    4. This guy thought "by and large births are painless."

    5. This guy didn't realize that everyone has at least one X chromosome — and that people AFAB have two.

    6. This person thought vaginas had melanin receptors.

    7. This person thought that breastfeeding your child causes them to experience sexual arousal.

    8. This person thought women who have difficulty climaxing should blame the "plaque buildup" from eating animal byproducts.

    9. This person thought masturbation causes menstruation.

    10. This guy apparently thought a woman miscarried in his mouth???

    11. This person knew nothing about TSS.

    12. This person thought boobs have no function besides sex appeal.

    13. This person thought being horny causes lactation.

    14. This person didn't realize you can get your period in middle school.

    15. Neither did this guy.

    16. And this person thought 13-year-olds shouldn't use tampons.

    17. This person thought you literally couldn't, and that tampons are also unsanitary.

    18. This man thought marriage changes a woman's genetic code.

    19. This person thought cheating while pregnant caused miscarriages.

    20. This guy spewed a bunch of nonsense about menstruation.

    21. And this guy also spewed nonsense, this time about vaginas.

    22. This person thought women have the urge to kill their baby after giving birth.

    23. This person thought women ejaculated their eggs.

    24. This person spewed some super problematic, incorrect nonsense about rape not creating pregnancies.

    25. This person thought the clitoris was a hole.

    26. This guy thought everyone's period came at the end of the month.

    27. This person thought it was impossible to have a healthy child in you thirties because eggs "expire like milk."

    28. This man thought "man-like behaviors" caused women to shave and use skincare products.

    29. This guy thought ovaries were not only reachable with his penis, but that it was enjoyable to penetrate them.

    30. This person said that after women have sex for the first time that their uterus shows through their stomach because it's full of sperm.

    31. This person thought peeing after sex prevented pregnancy.

    32. This man had a bit of trouble understanding both the function and spelling of the fallopian tube.

    33. And finally, this guy thought people who menstruate could control their periods.

    What's the most clueless thing a man has said to you about your body? Let us know in the comments!