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    19 Terrifying Photos Of Kids And Their Creations That Convinced Me They Have The Devil Inside

    This has made me question my decision to ever have kids, TBH.

    1. This kid, who insisted on wearing this hat around the house:

    A child wearing a creepy mask

    2. This little girl, who put her doll's HEADS in JARS:

    Doll heads in little jars

    3. This second grader, who made a nice Valentine's Day card box with her Barbie:

    A barbie sticking out of a box

    4. And this little kid, who left her Barbies like this:

    Barbies hanging from drawers

    5. This 9-year-old, who left Woody like this:

    Woody tied up

    6. This 5-year-old, who made some adjustments to her doll:

    A doll with writing all over it

    7. As well as this one:

    A doll that has a completely blackened face

    8. The little kid who handed this terrifying artifact to a random cashier, then walked away without a word:

    A hand holding a little Scrabble letter

    9. This toddler, who kept saying at age 2 that their shadow "wouldn't wave back":

    "Age 2: Cried because 'I'm waving to my shadow and it won't wave back!'"

    10. This kid, who drew this as their "self portrait":

    Drawing of a monster with a lot of eyes

    11. This kid, who thought it'd be funny to put their grandpa's teeth in their bear's mouth:

    A bear with human teeth

    12. This kid, who wouldn't let their parent sleep in peace:

    A little girl in a dark room

    13. This 8-year-old, who drew this and described it as "Demon rings to hell":

    A creepy drawing with red and black and symbols

    14. This 9-year-old, who drew a sleep paralysis demon for his dad:

    Drawing of a blue monster that says "Huggy Wuggy"

    15. This little kid, who used their Legos to create this creepy scene straight out of a horror film:

    Legos arranged so that it looks like a person is in a box

    16. This kid, who drew her imaginary friend:

    A drawing of a little girl and her imaginary friend

    17. This spooky kid, who handmade this Halloween mask:

    A mask covered in fur and red paint

    18. This four-year-old, who pulled out pieces of her nanny's hair until she had enough to make a bracelet, telling her nanny she did it “so part of you is always with me":

    19. And finally, this 4-year-old, who painted this and decided to call it "Murder House":

    A painting that appears to be blood dripping