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    Twitter's Newest Meme Is People Claiming To Be "Empaths" — Here Are 27 Of My Favorite Jokes

    *Sensing the people on the sinking Titanic are upset* I'm an empath.

    Now, you *may* have seen a meme circulating the internet in recent weeks concerning a certain word people like to use to identify themselves: empath.


    The term — which suggests you identify with others' feelings and moods in a way most people do not — has become ridiculed online, likely because people who say they're empaths either A) are clearly not...

    “I’m an empath” -the worst person you have ever met

    Twitter: @abbygov

    ...B) Are actually constantly misreading others' feelings (as you can never actually know what someone else is feeling and thinking)...

    I’m an empath (really good at projecting my feelings onto everyone)

    Twitter: @ContraPoints

    ...C) are noticing something SUPER obvious to everyone...

    me, an empath, noticing everyone at the funeral is crying and sad

    Twitter: @meowmeowmia

    ...Or D) use their "empathy" for an inflated sense of superiority and self-importance.

    “I’m an empath” - your most narcissistic friend

    Twitter: @rekhalshankar

    If you've ever been frustrated by someone claiming to be an "empath," here are 27 jokes that just might make you chuckle:


    flight attendant: he’s having a heart attack is anyone here a doctor me: no but im an empath. i feel soooo bad for him :(

    Twitter: @dubstep4dads


    @ameliaelizalde Joe biden (an empath): I'm sensing heightened tension America rn.....

    Twitter: @number420dad


    green goblin, an empath, sensing that peter is struggling to have everything he wants

    Marvel / Twitter: @nlngrnwld


    Twitter: @ComradeToguro


    Using my special skills as an empath, im getting an aura that this cat is not happy with the cone. Im kinda overwhelmed by nearby vibes tho so i might be wrong lol

    Twitter: @memesiwish


    Twitter: @DenimsTV


    i’m SUCH an empath. so like often when other people are talking i’ll then also start to talk

    Twitter: @chunkbardey


    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @WrittenByHanna


    I’m an empath (when they go underwater in the movie I hold my breath)

    Twitter: @american_sicko


    @tiktokbiblee me, an empath on the titanic: seeing the people around me drown to their deaths with their friends and family and just understanding that theyre sad

    Twitter: @sesametwink


    camilo, an empath, sensing that there is no house:

    Twitter: @dpkave


    @dpkave Bruno, an empath, sensing his sister was stressed about her wedding

    Disney / Twitter: @Bunbun_Fresh


    bruno madrigal, an empath, sensing that something may be wrong with señora ozma’s fish

    Twitter: @mirabeImadrigal


    my cat: *meows* me, an empath: yeah i know

    Twitter: @TweetsOfCats


    Fidel Castro was able to avoid all the assassination attempts bc he was an empath and could tell where all the bad vibes were to avoid

    Twitter: @milfunion


    Lucasfilm / Twitter: @planofdissent


    me (an empath) sensing that you get no bitches

    Twitter: @cyberjuju


    don’t be horny around me i’m an empath

    Twitter: @tiredtaurus


    Me (an empath) sensing that I should take the day off bc the Moon is still in Pisces & conjunct Neptune

    Kali Uchis / TikTok Twitter: @Heauxno1currr


    the uruk-hai: turning northeast legolas, an empath: they’re taking the hobbits to isengard

    Twitter: @myelessar


    frodo: [puts the ring on] sauron, an empath:

    New Line Cinema / Twitter: @C4STAMERE


    aragorn (an empath) sensing that boromir might be upset

    New Line Cinema / Twitter: @myelessar


    azula: having a meltdown zuko, an empath:

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @zauncouncil


    Him: “You seem high maintenance” Me (an empath) sensing that he’s broke…

    Twitter: @actuallyamo_


    (me, an empath, listening to nobody by mitski) she’s sad

    Twitter: @mountbellyache


    weeping as i chop onions because they are in PAIN and i’m an EMPATH

    Twitter: @Roy_oh_Roy


    percy: *exists* rick riordan (an empath): he didn’t want to be a half-blood

    Twitter: @flwrnico

    What's been your worst experience with someone who claimed to be an "empath"? Let us know in the comments below!