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    20 Therapy Jokes And Memes That Honestly Hit A Little Too Close To Home

    "Welcome to Shrink in the Box; can I take your disorder?"

    Therapy is a wonderful thing that I recommend to EVERYONE, whether or not you have a mental illness.

    Therapy is a serious thing, can also be kind of funny. And let's be real — a lot of us use humor to cope with trauma. In honor of that, here are 20 jokes about therapy that just made me giggle.


    "My therapist just told me that I “use humor to cover up past trauma so I don’t have to deal with it” and that “it will take years of extensive therapy to genuinely recover from it all” and I literally burst out laughing and finger gunned @ him"


    i like dropping bombshells on my therapist in the last few minutes so it feels like we’re ending each session on a cliffhanger

    Twitter: @zachsilberberg


    asked my therapist who their therapist was and went to see them. asked them the same thing until i got to the final boss therapist and defeated them with my trainwreck of a life

    Twitter: @50FirstTates


    my therapist just referred to her therapist as my grand-therapist . trying to process.

    Twitter: @corietjohnson


    me all week: omg i have so much to talk about in therapy me at therapy:

    Twitter: @kristoferthomas


    made my therapist laugh three times today, which meant i got to pick a prize from the prize box

    Twitter: @taylorgarron


    Oh you love therapy? Name three good therapists in my area and what insurance they take

    Twitter: @NickStopTalking


    how are people out here with no therapy not taking any prescribed or illicit drugs just raw dogging reality

    Twitter: @jaboukie


    “I’m not really mentally ill, I’m just faking this.” - A mentally ill proverb....i said this to my therapist and she just looked at me and said “so do you think i went to clown school”


    "therapy got a drive-thru or sumn?" response: "welcome to shrink in the box can i take your disorder"


    People sharing their experiences with therapy, and their therapists being blunt and funny and casual with them and telling them to stop looking at memes


    Me: "I should go to therapy probably" (later at therapy) therapist: "so how are you?" Me: "fine! I’m great actually I don’t know why I’m here I’m so great"


    "Trickle down therapy, when one person in your friend group is able to get therapy, and teaches the rest of the group some of the strategies they have learned"


    "what kind of power move could I make towards my new therapist?" replies: "takes a notepad and takes notes whenever they take notes" and "eats the paper at the end of the session" with someone replying saying this is why they're in therapy


    omg therapy is free in the uk?? ello chewsday innit bruv

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    If a therapist starts off with “I could be wrong so please let me know if I’ve missed the mark, I’ve noticed that…”, please know 9 times out of 10 they are about to read you like a book

    Twitter: @JanelCubbage


    therapist: and what do we say when we need to reach out and ask for support? me: i’m fine aha how are you though? therapist: no

    Twitter: @woodscommahelen


    "picking up where you left off in therapy like..." with a scene from The Princess Bride saying "where were we? oh yes, the put of despair"


    "my therapist: so how are you doing today? me:" (a picture of a sims needs chart with most things in yellow/red)


    Therapist: Let’s talk about your treatment and self care plan Me: Face... mask Therapist: That’s not a legitimate form of- Me: ʞsɐɯ ǝɔɐℲ Therapist: We talked about this it’s a distraction that feeds off consumerism and the internalized value of appearance Me: ʄǟƈɛ ʍǟֆӄ :)

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    Ah, therapy. We love ya.

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline is 1-888-950-6264 (NAMI) and provides information and referral services; is an association of mental health professionals from more than 25 countries who support efforts to reduce harm in therapy.