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For Everyone Still Scarred By "The Maze Game"

I will never be the same.

Allow me to take you back to a simpler life. It was the mid-2000s. Hannah Montana had just begun airing. We didn't know who Justin Bieber was yet. The MCU hadn't even begun.

Disney Channel

But one thing plagued us all. Breaking our trust. Ruining a generation's innocence. We will never forget...the first time we were shown "the Maze Game."

A still from Level 1 of the maze game, where there's a wide box you have to navigate through to reach the next level
ryanjyn2008 / YouTube / Via

The objective was simple: Navigate through the maze without your cursor touching the black. It was fun. Some might even call it satisfying. The graphics looked like something from We thought we were safe...

Level 2 of the game, with a thinner path that goes back and forth
ryanjyn2008 / YouTube / Via

But we were hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray...because when you were about to win, this popped up:

ryanjyn2008 / YouTube / Via

In case you're wondering, this is Linda Blair from The Exorcist.

ACCOMPANIED BY A TERRIFYING SCREAM!!! In case you'd like to relive it, the face pops up at 1:24 here.

View this video on YouTube

ryanjyn2008 / YouTube / Via

Watching this video was scarring. If you want to play the game (though I really don't know why you would), you can do so here.

I vividly remember when I was shown this game. My brother told me he wanted to show me a fun game — he was really into computer games, and this wasn't out of the ordinary.

a photo of my brother and I when we were little with me labeled as an innocent baby and him labeled as my evil brother
Hannah Marder

I got pretty far in the game...and then it happened. I was betrayed. I cried for hours. (I was a BIG scaredy-cat when I was little.*)


*Still am.

Luckily, my brother got in trouble. (GET WRECK'T, TOMMY!!!) But I have never been the same.


He's also not sorry, for the record.

text message exchange with my brother where he says he remembers showing me the video, but refuses to apologize, saying he toughened me up
Hannah Marder

I'm not the only one scarred, either.

the reason i have trust issues is because of the scary maze game i am still scarred


It was TERRIFYING, you guys.

13 year old me playing the scary maze game

Although some people have fond memories of tricking others into playing it...

Me grabbing all my little cousins to play scary maze game

Heathens, all of you.

TL;DR: "The Maze Game" was terrifying, and if you tricked someone with it, you're a monster.

  1. Do you remember "the Maze Game"?

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    I'm evil and I tricked a bunch of people with this.
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    No, but it's really not that scary. Stop being a baby.

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