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    29 Insufferable Relatives Who Will Make You Long For The Holidays To Be Over

    Is it even the holiday season if a younger cousin or nephew doesn't ruin one of your possessions?

    It's always nice to see your family over the holidays, but I gotta can be a LOT to have everyone under one roof. And after a few days, or a can start to feel like this:

    Here are 29 infuriating people who probably have their family members wishing the holiday season was a bit shorter.

    1. This extended family member, who left the toilet like this without saying anything, then left.

    a broken toilet seat

    2. This sister, who borrowed her sibling's AirPods, then dyed her hair, staining them with a color that looked like earwax.

    stained AirPods

    3. This mom, who broke her adult kid's $200 mug and almost caused a house fire over Thanksgiving.

    a broken mug

    4. This little brother, who would not stop his 4 a.m. texts about using his brother's hotspot.

    Screenshot of a text exchange

    5. This mom, who insisted on keeping the temperature at 61 — and I'm willing to bet she also said "put on a sweater if you're so cold."

    A thermostat set to 61 degrees

    6. And this dad, who literally set a password on the thermostat.

    A screen asking for a code

    7. This sister-in-law, who borrowed the Peloton and left it like this.

    a stained Peloton

    8. This dad, who cut the pumpkin pie in a way which defies logic and reason.

    a pie cut terribly

    9. And the dad who refuses to eat the crust of the pumpkin pie.

    A scooped-out pumpkin pie

    10. This sister, who decided to "taste test" every single donut their family member brought home.

    Donuts with bites taken out of them

    11. This cousin, who *almost* got away with it.

    Closeup of a Coca Cola

    12. This sister, who pulled the classic annoying sibling move of refusing to replace anything in the fridge, leaving the tiniest bit left on the bottom so she could justify it. (Confession: I've done this. Sorry, it's in my blood as a little sister.)

    Empty cartons in the fridge

    13. This dad, who stored leftovers like this.

    A piece of meat on a fridge shelf

    14. This sister, who left the bathroom like this.

    a messy bathroom

    15. This niece, who cut her slice of pizza like this.

    a horribly cut pizza

    16. This family, who showed up while the host was still naked.

    "guests showed up early for Thanksgiving, I was naked"

    17. This sibling, who left a shower cap in the toilet that I at least hope belonged to them, and not another sibling.

    a shower cap in the toilet

    18. This grandma, who was (literally) playing with fire by using a plastic colander as a steamer.

    a pink colander

    19. This grandma, who literally hot boxed with cigarettes on a 16-hour car drive.

    A passenger smoking in the car

    20. This cousin, who went out with friends and tried to make a drunk snack, only to almost burn the house down.

    a burnt pizza

    21. This little sister, who proved TikTok is a menace to society.

    a dirty microwave

    22. And this little sister somehow got melted cheese all over their sibling's special edition R2D2 Xbox 360.

    Melted cheese on a game console

    23. Aaaaand this little sister, who ruined a $150 Pokémon card.

    a damaged Pokemon card

    24. This brother, who dug through the entire ice cream carton for the good parts like he was digging for gold.

    Ice cream with the candy taken out

    25. This mother-in-law, who complained the stove was "dirty."

    A dirty stove

    26. And this aunt, who left the bathroom like this.

    Smoked cigarettes on a bathroom sink

    27. This niece, who ruined a stool because she was "bored."

    Pen marks on a stool

    28. This mom, whose kids discovered a truly strange habit of hers.

    Pills in a planter

    29. And finally, the in-laws who left the butter like this after cooking.

    Butter in the fridge

    H/T: r/MildlyInfuriating