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    Updated on Apr 24, 2020. Posted on Apr 23, 2020

    I Just Watched "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" For The First Time And Um...WTF

    Why did no one warn me about this film??

    Somehow it came out this past weekend that I had never seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


    This shocked my roommates turned family-members-in-this-trying-time, since I'm a massive Disney fan. They almost immediately forced me to watch it, and you guys...I was SHOCKED.

    It's especially shocking because I love darker Disney movies, and y'all...this one's about as dark as it gets. In case you'd like to be reminded, let's break down the most disturbing things that actually happen in the film.


    If you've read my past posts, you know I adore Tangled. But this was WAY darker. Frollo was the original Mother Gothel, but WORSE!

    1. First of all, the movie starts with Frollo straight up MURDERING a woman because she runs from him, trying to protect her baby.


    He legit rips the baby from her arms and kicks her so she hits her head and DIES. On the steps OF A CHURCH. After begging for SANCTUARY.

    2. Then he sees the baby is deformed and goes to DROP HIM DOWN A WELL.


    I literally gasped. Infanticide is pretty serious for any film, but a DISNEY film??

    3. The only reason he decides to keep the child is because he "fears for his immortal soul." AKA, he's scared of going to hell because of what he's done. HELL.


    In true Victor Hugo fashion, the archdeacon intervenes and tells Frollo that he can't hide what he's done from the creepy-ass "eyes of Notre Dame." (See above.)

    4. He convinces Frollo to raise the baby as his own, which Frollo of course interprets as "Manipulate and torture this human being for his entire life." He decides to name the child Quasimodo, aka "half formed," and keep him in a BELL TOWER. ALL ALONE.


    Some major Frankenstein vibes here.

    5. While "raising" Quasimodo, Frollo tells him he's a monster, the "gypsies" are evil, and his mother abandoned him because he was so ugly. Because of this, Quasimodo truly believes he should be grateful to Frollo. The emotional manipulation!!


    I have never wanted to kill a Disney villain more than in this film. Poor Quasimodo!

    6. Pretty bleak so far, right? When the talking gargoyles show up, I'm like, FINALLY! Some good old-fashioned Disney sidekicks for comic relief! But it quickly becomes clear that...they're just in Quasimodo's imagination??


    My heart BROKE when Frollo shows up and asks who Quasimodo is talking to and he's like, "My friends," and Frollo points out that his friends are made of rock. SO SAD.

    7. Like many Disney princesses, Quasimodo just wants to go outside and see the world. But unlike most Disney princesses, when he does, he is quickly and horribly humiliated.


    WTF. I 100% expected him to go full "Carrie" at the crowd. I kind of wanted him to, tbh.

    8. Despite all of this, Quasimodo is a wonderful person, and I was rooting for him to find love with Esmeralda (this is a Disney film, after all)! Instead she falls for Phoebus.


    Phoebus is like that attractive person who seems perfect that you want to hate, but you just can't because they're so nice.

    9. Knowing she loves Phoebus, we as viewers still watch Quasimodo imagine A WHOLE SONG about how Esmeralda might love him.


    The use of dramatic irony here...I just cannot. It made what would've been a cute scene SO. FRIKKEN. SAD.

    10. And now to possibly the most disturbing part: FROLLO'S SEXUAL ATTRACTION TO ESMERALDA.


    "Hellfire" is by FAR the most disturbing Disney villain song. Basically, he's singing about how he's sexually attracted to Esmeralda, and how this is all Esmeralda's fault. In order to rid himself of temptation, he has to kill this temptress. UM?? What kind of sexist misogynistic nonsense??

    11. Quick note about this scene: Are those...are those the Infinity Stones?


    Hot take: Frollo is more evil than Thanos.

    12. Frollo literally SETS ALL OF PARIS ON FIRE (including a house full of people) because he's so mad that he's attracted to this girl.


    The property damage!! The innocent civilians!!! All just to find Esmeralda? Not even Gaston came close to this!

    13. He decides to burn her at the stake and STILL tries to get her to be with him! SO GROSS!


    And he still thinks he's virtuous??

    14. Quick break from Frollo: Quasimodo literally pours burning rock on the guards below the Notre Dame. Remember how I predicted this would turn into Carrie??


    Not that I blame him, just pointing out that this is not exactly family-friendly.

    15. Frollo's death/descent to hell is SCARRING. If I had seen this as a kid...I probably never would've watched this movie again.


    As an adult, I was cheering.

    16. The movie had a happy(ish) ending. Quasimodo ventures outside and is accepted by the crowd, in stark contrast with the last time he went outside. But he didn't find love, and he's still living in a society that could turn on him!!


    That's not the Disney I know.

    Overall, I loved this movie. I didn't know how much I needed to blend Victor Hugo with Disney. But...I am heartbroken and scarred, and I can't believe this is a movie for kids.


    JUSTICE FOR QUASIMODO!!! I would protect this man with my life.

    Those of you who saw the film when you were little, what did you think? Was it absolutely scarring? Let me know in the comments!

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