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How Many Of These Forbidden Foods Do You Secretly Want To Eat?

If it looks like food, I want to eat it.

  1. Do you have the urge to eat this forbidden cotton candy?

    u/WikidTechn9cian / Reddit via
  2. Does this forbidden chicken tender make you hungry?

    u/rebelraf / Reddit via
  3. Does this forbidden cookies 'n' cream ice cream make you want to get your spoon?

    u/kmgenius / Reddit via
  4. Do you want to pop this sour candy into your mouth?

    u/Browndog888 / Reddit via
  5. Does this forbidden burrito make your stomach growl?
  6. Do you want to lick this forbidden lollipop?

    u/girlnumber_three / Reddit via
  7. Do you want to bite into these forbidden gingerbread cookies?

    u/raincityroaming / Reddit via
  8. Do you want to lick this spoon of forbidden honey?

    u/L33t_Cyborg / Reddit via
  9. Do these forbidden rice-wrapped sushi rolls make you crave Japanese food?

    u/Ostrantula / Reddit via
  10. Do you want these forbidden gummies in your stomach?

    u/RealmUniverse / Reddit via
  11. Does this forbidden chocolate milkshake make you hungry?

    u/theshtickler / Reddit via
  12. What about this forbidden Fruit by the Foot?

    u/dreamshoes / Reddit via
  13. Do you want a taste of this ice pop?

    u/dadaw00ta / Reddit via
  14. Do you want to dip into these forbidden dippin' dots?

    u/dakotaGOOFY / Reddit via
  15. Does this forbidden bread make you lick your lips?

    u/chumjumper / Reddit via
  16. And finally, do you want to bite into this forbidden Twizzler?

    u/WakaFlockaWombat / Reddit via

H/T: r/forbiddensnacks.