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    64 Basic Girl Fall Things That Better Never, Ever Make A Comeback

    All accessorized with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course.

    1. First off...Uggs. Almost always paired with leggings. And almost always in this exact color.

    Kendall Jenner in light brown Uggs

    2. Sometimes, people had the gray ones, though. If you wanted to be fancy, you could accessorize with leg warmers like it was 1982, not 2012.

    Alessandra Ambrosio in leg warmers and gray Uggs

    3. You might even get bedazzled Uggs (or knockoffs) if you were feeling really fancy.

    4. Bedazzling was unfortunately a common trend overall.

    5. Or glitter. Especially in the shape of a skull. Skulls were big, I don't know why.

    6. Peace symbols were also really big in 2012.

    7. But we can't talk about the fall of 2012 without talking about the sweaters. Like the class white cable-knit that would, many years later, be brought back by one Mr. Chris Evans.

    8. Or its sister, the chunky oversized cardigan.

    9. Or its cousin, the long waterfall cardigan.

    10. Or its niece, the weird batwing cardigan.

    11. If you were truly participating in Christian Girl Autumn, tall brown leather boots were a must.

    12. We also loved our suede boots.

    13. You also needed a classic Christian Girl Autumn hat, like a pom-pom hat...

    14. Or one of these bad boys.

    A woman wearing a cowboy hat

    15. Bonus point if you matched your hat, purse, and boots.

    16. You'd be remiss to forget your fake Burberry scarf.

    17. Or your handy infinity scarf.

    18. We talked about pom-pom hats, but the real 2012 staple was the classic beanie.

    Twitter: @kyliejenner

    19. But the ultimate accessory??? Anything and everything mustache-themed.

    20. Like phone cases.

    21. Or earrings. Most likely from Claire's.

    22. Though when we didn't have an actual accessory, we made do by just drawing one on our finger in sharpie during third period.

    23. Another accessory we loved in fall 2012? Feathers. Don't ask me why. Feather print, silver feather necklaces, actual feather earrings...they were on everything.

    24. Another fall 2012 star? Plaid button-ups, ESPECIALLY in teal.

    25. Or red — and often tied around your waist.

    26. A beanie, skull skirt, plaid shirt together??? This outfit checks every 2012 box.

    27. I can't believe we haven't mentioned skinny jeans yet. As soon as the temperature dropped below 75, it was time for jeans tighter than spandex.

    28. Or jeans *literally* made of leggings — AKA, the dreaded jeggings.

    29. Skinny jeans and jeggings had a chokehold on us. We loved them in gray, especially.

    30. Also red.

    31. We also loved them patterned.

    32. And metallic.

    33. The tightness didn't just apply to jeans, jeggings, and leggings, either. We loved plaid pants that literally made it hard for us to move.

    34. And faux leather pants that squeaked when we walked.

    35. This was also the era of literally just wearing thin leggings as pants.

    36. This was okay, because we usually had awkwardly long shirts that covered our crotches.

    37. Though some just had asymmetrical hems.

    38. We loved to accessorize with a lil' blazer in a statement color.

    39. Or the classic green military jacket.

    40. Bonus points if it had sewn-on Army patches.

    41. Or if it was literally just in camo.

    42. We also just loved military jackets. I blame Taylor Swift's marching band outfit from her Red tour.

    43. But you really couldn't go wrong with this specific jean jacket, probably from Old Navy.

    44. Once the weather started getting colder, though, you couldn't be caught dead without your North Face fleece.

    45. If you really wanted to dress to impress for the first day of school, you'd throw on a statement necklace that covered half of your chest.

    46. We loved a good lil' sheer chiffon shirt, especially if it had one of these cute bows.

    47. You could really stand out coming back to school if you dyed some colored streaks in your hair.

    48. Or pulled a Kylie and dyed the ends — especially turquoise.

    49. Or you might come to school with the hottest new fashion — brassy ombre hair.

    50. Or the classic blunt bangs hairstyle made famous by Demi Lovato and Carly Rae Jepsen.

    51. 2012 was the year of combat boots.

    52. ESPECIALLY spiked ones.

    53. In fact, 2012 was the year of spiked everything.

    54. We even wore spiked and studded collars.

    55. Or necklaces.

    56. And fringe. Which you think would be more of a spring/summer thing, but somehow just ended up in darker colors for fall.

    57. Plaid skirts were an essential wardrobe piece.

    58. As were skater skirts — especially in cheap fake leather.

    59. We also got some great use out of our summer shorts by pairing them with tights.

    60. We might even pull out our weirdly textured tights for the look.

    61. 2012 was really all about weird texture and pattern mixing.

    62. And finally, we can't talk about 2012 without mentioning its staple: fake leather moto jackets. Especially with — are you really surprised? — studs.

    63. There were those cute colored versions, too.

    64. Specifically, we loved this Free People "vegan" leather jacket with the detachable hood. I mean, who doesn't love a detachable hood???

    What other fall 2012 trends did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!