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Updated on Sep 13, 2020. Posted on Aug 29, 2020

20 TV Pairings So Horrible, People Literally Stopped Watching The Show

Blaine and Karofsky literally made me shut off my TV.

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about TV plotlines so ridiculous or bad that they stopped watching the show. A lot of people submitted examples of ridiculous relationships that ruined the show — and I've certainly got opinions of my own on the subject. Here are 20 of the worst couples that literally ruined their TV shows.


Note: Not all submissions are from Community users.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

WARNING: This post contains mentions of sexual assault.

1. In Teen Wolf, when Malia and Scott got together:


Malia and Scott getting together was honestly so random. The last couple seasons of Teen Wolf really went downhill, and Malia's character didn't serve much purpose. There was no buildup and it just seemed one symptom of a show that had run out of plotlines.

2. In Warehouse 13, when Pete fell for Myka:


"Myka had infinitely better chemistry with H.G. Wells. The actors felt the same way, and having H.G. marry some random guy out of nowhere just felt like a spiteful move to get her out of the way."


3. In Gossip Girl, when Dan and Blair began dating:

The CW

They had literally no chemistry (see: the episode when they first have sex). It made absolutely no sense for Blair's character, and it honestly felt like Dan took advantage of Blair's trauma after she lost her baby and her husband betrayed her. It was so out of character and if they hadn't broken up, I would not have watched Season 6.

4. In That '70s Show, when Fez and Jackie got together:

Jackie and Fez kissing

Many people hate this relationship because they preferred the friendship between Jackie and Fez and felt the two had no chemistry. A lot of people also criticized the show for giving the relationship no buildup.


5. In Sex Education, when Eric and Adam began secretly dating:


Adam was ashamed of Eric and his attraction to him, and Eric just deserved so much better. A guy being a bully to cover up his feelings for another guy is honestly such a tired and problematic storyline, especially when we're supposed to magically root for him as soon as he decides to stop being an ass. It was really disappointing to see this storyline played out in a newer teen show that's otherwise super empowering and modern.

6. In Glee, when Blaine and Karofsky dated:


I stuck with Glee through a lot of bad plotlines, but this took the cake for me. Karofsky bullied and abused Kurt, and as Kurt's ex, Blaine never should've dated Karofsky. It felt really forced and problematic, and I couldn't even stand to watch it.

7. In The Vampire Diaries, when Bonnie and Enzo got together:

The CW

I know this is an unpopular opinion and a lot of people liked this ship, but I personally never saw Bonnie dating a vampire. It seemed like the show just didn't know what to do with either of the characters, so they put them together. Enzo had done a lot of messed up stuff and they kept changing his character — they honestly should've gotten rid of him and given Bonnie a new love interest that was actually good enough for her. This was my least favorite part of Seasons 7 and 8 and I stopped paying attention whenever they were on screen.

8. In Friends, when Joey and Rachel began dating:


"I love Friends and appreciate other aspects of the final seasons, but that was an unnecessary plot point."


"It felt forced. If it had happened sooner, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, but it felt like they were really grasping for straws in the last two seasons."


9. In Legends of Tomorrow, when Sara Lance and John Constantine hooked up in a laundry room of an asylum while Leo Snart got drugged and nearly lobotomized:

The CW

"There was zero buildup and made it feel like neither of them cared about their teammate. I don’t blame Leo for jumping ship after that."


10. In The Umbrella Academy, when Luther and Allison danced and kissed:


Even though their actual kiss was erased, they still clearly had something. I always found it super gross since they were adopted at birth and raised as siblings. They literally referred to each other as siblings, and Allison's daughter knows him as her uncle. They have no chemistry and just seeing them in a scene together made me squirm even BEFORE it was confirmed.


11. In Hell on Wheels, when Cullen slept with Mei:


"It was just bizarre that as soon as Cullen realized Mei was a woman (she'd been masquerading as a teenage boy to work on the railroad), he wanted to have sex with her. They had a genuine friendship and then ruined it by sleeping together. It also seemed like an abuse of power because Cullen was the boss and significantly older than Mei, and it gave me the creeps. It was a truly unnecessary storyline. I loved the show for many seasons, but this just pissed me off so much that I went into my DVR and canceled all future recordings."


12. In 13 Reasons Why, when Clay and Ani got together:


I really tried to like Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, but with the frankly offensive portrayal of the aftermath of Tyler's sexual assault and attempted school shooting, mixed with the introduction of Ani and her relationships with Clay and Bryce, I just couldn't do it. Ani was a super bland character and Clay was just annoying, and they had no chemistry. Ani seemed to suspect Clay of Bryce's murder multiple times, and yet they still got together? SMH. I also hated Ani being used to humanize serial rapist Bryce Walker. Gross.

13. In Cursed, when Nimue and Arthur bathed together in the hot spring:


"The entire series is awful in my opinion, but that scene made me realize that enough is enough. Their interactions and conversations were awkward and their relationship was so badly written — I have no idea why they have any interest in being together. Arthur stole Nimue's sword, and Nimue did nothing but make snarky comments at Arthur. I was already detached from the show by that point, but that scene was the final straw."


14. In Parks and Recreation, when Ann and Tom briefly dated then moved in together:


I know this was short-lived, but it was still just so out of character and strange that it wasn't even fun. Tom was honestly pretty sexist and creepy, and Ann deserved better. Also, I felt Ann should've left the show earlier — it felt like she'd sort of served her purpose at this point. This was one of those moments where I seriously considered stopping the show.

15. In The Mentalist, when Patrick and Lisbon became a romantic pairing:


"I personally never got any romantic vibes off of them. They had more of a brother/sister vibe. Even Cho, one of the main characters, thought the same thing!"


16. In Dexter, when Deb became attracted to her brother:


"Ugh. Ick. Horrible disservice to both characters. Stopped watching."


"Cringeworthy and ruined an otherwise decent show."


"What I found particularly awful was Deb's therapist telling her she was in love with Dexter. I stopped watching Dexter after that season."


17. When Emily and Paige got together on Pretty Little Liars:


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Paige and Emily suck. Paige literally tried to drown Emily, and then when Emily was drunk, she took advantage of her without saying anything afterwards. I hated their relationship — Paige clearly did not respect Emily's wishes or Ali's safety, and when they got back together I was honestly over it.

18. In Daria, when Jane started to date Tom:


"Daria and Jane were the perfect outcast duo who didn't want to conform to societal norms, and then all of a sudden a guy got between them. And he talked like he was in his thirties, not like he was a teenager."


19. In Angel, when Cordelia went evil and slept with Connor:

Cordelia and Connor about to kiss
The WB

"If you followed her from Buffy to Angel, Cordelia had some of the greatest character development. When Charisma Carpenter got pregnant, the show just didn’t know what to do with it. They ruined an amazing character, a lot of long-awaited relationships, and then basically ignored Cordelia before writing her off unceremoniously. It was such a disappointment, and the show was never the same."


20. And finally, in Grey's Anatomy, when George and Izzie slept together:

Izzie and George kissing

"It completely ruined their amazing friendship, and they clearly weren’t good as a couple. Honestly, it made me gag."


Note: Submissions were edited for length and clarity.

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