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    These May Be The Worst Dating Bios I Have Ever Seen

    "Can cook, respects men, and always wears makeup." * eye roll *

    If you are currently dating (or honestly, if you've ever dated), you's pretty bleak out there.

    It's harder than ever to meet people irl, which means many people have turned to dating apps. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and many people find great partners on the apps! usually have to wade through a bunch of truly terrible profiles before you find someone good.

    If you don't believe me, take a look at these 32 truly awful dating app bios that made me want to throw my phone into the ocean.

    1. This person had a list of "don'ts" that included "trying to be a Kardashian" and wanting to raise minimum wage (???):

    Also...what did Kurt Cobain ever do to you, dude?

    2. This person had a list of requirements that included not being a feminist (big yikes).

    3. This person literally refused to use photos of themself until you "know them better."

    4. This dating profile required that you not watch Grey's Anatomy or have a cat that uses a litter box.

    list of requirements including not having >1 child, being on "serious medication," being a dog mom, having a litter box in your house, and not watching grey's anatomy

    5. Non-straight toes are a dealbreaker for this guy.

    6. "You do not have to be smart, and actually I would prefer if you weren't because I want a woman who brings a different perspective to the table." So you're the smart one, but you're dumb enough to think this profile is going to attract women...?

    How much you wanna bet this guy looks like Eggman?

    7. This woman wanted a gang leader with a "dark, haunting past."

    8. Of course, this guy's name is Chad.

    9. "Eyes as deep as the ocean," okay, misogynistic James Blunt.

    10. This guy wanted Melania Trump. Literally.

    11. This profile was just so combative. It also specified desired penis size. :/

    12. This woman wouldn't date a guy with flip flops.

    13. This person described themselves as "apolitical" then said they voted for Trump, are unvaxxed, and want to know how you feel about Kyle Rittenhouse. They also said they don't expect to find a woman, so...why are they on a dating app?

    14. This person was just straight-up mean.

    15. This person clearly had some baggage about being ghosted, in addition to being anti-gay.

    16. This person specified the race they were looking for, denied being racist, then ranted about guys not wanting "nice girls."

    17. This Nice Guy™ confused Tinder with his diary.

    18. As did this guy.

    19. This person seemed to think they were giving a bad stand-up routine to a crowd of misogynistic men.

    20. This Nice Guy™ was only into COVID-deniers.

    21. This person said she was just there to make fun of you, but then said she was "your future wife"?

    22. This person had a whole math equation for height and salary requirements.

    23. And this man also had you do math to see if you met his ridiculous requirements.

    24. This person only dated "white firefighter emts" who don't believe in masks...which I gotta assume an EMT is going to be all for.

    25. This awful person was against people on meds for their mental health, as well as those who have been assaulted.

    26. This guy thought calling girls "crazy" was a surefire way to attract women.

    27. This guy bragged about his lack of dating experience, then tried to guilt you into dating him by saying girls don't like him???

    28. This dude was the ultimate Nice Guy™.

    29. As was this guy.

    30. "Your daddy lied to you, you are not special." 😬

    31. I really don't understand why someone would just be combative and derogatory in their bio???

    32. Like, does that ever work for them?

    Now it's your turn — what's the worst thing you've seen on someone's dating profile? Let us know in the comments!