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    27 Quarantine Zoom Fails That Made Me Laugh Through My Tears

    You *might* want to double check that your mic is off more often.

    We're over a year into this pandemic, and I think we're all pretty familiar at this point with Zoom.

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    Zoom wine nights, Zoom university, Zoom school, Zoom work...

    In fact, some of us may be getting pretty sick of it (including me). But still, I have to give Zoom credit for giving us some absolutely hilarious Zoom fails over the past year or so.


    Here are 27 hilarious Zoom fails that we got out of this past year!

    1. First, let's pay homage to our roots here with this poor potato boss from last year.

    my boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting

    Twitter: @PettyClegg

    2. And who can forget the more recent example of the lawyer-turned-cat?

    “I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap “I can see that,” responds judge

    Twitter: @lawrencehurley

    3. My heart honestly goes out to this poor girl and her cake. #RIP

    @faithxleee / Via

    4. And this guy who didn't realize he was going to be on camera (and then, while shouting about his mistake, didn't realize he wasn't muted).

    Michael with paint on face saying his professor asked about it, then shouting about how he didn't think he'd be on camera while unmuted, then a picture of people laughing about it in the chat
    @michael_winner21 / Via

    5. Remember when a casting director started insulting Lukas Gage's apartment during an audition?

    psa if youre a shit talking director make sure to mute ur shit on zoom mtgings

    Twitter: @lukasgage

    6. This girl made her health concerns the whole class's health concerns.

    girl says she's going to be sick because she had expired and the teacher says that if it didn't taste bad, it's probably fine
    @camseeves81 / Via

    7. This mom decided to comment on her child's Zoom class to her other kids, not knowing AirPods picked up on sound:

    woman calling herself mom of the year and mimicking her son's classmates, then being told they can hear her
    @caughtyouwatching / Via

    8. This poor guy chose to play video games during his Zoom class, and suffered the consequences when he tried to tune back in.

    "He goes, 'Gabe, what's your word?' And I look around my desk for some word I can use. I see a lamp, so I say, 'lamp.' My professor goes, "The word you chose to introduce yourself with that rhymes with Gabe is...lamp?"
    @dsscookie / Via

    9. Pro tip: Make sure to check your desktop before a Zoom.

    in my first zoom class prof started sharing screen and one of her folders is just in all caps DIVORCE

    Twitter: @magn0liadana

    10. And also to make sure no one is behind you...

    11. And maybe tilt your camera up in case someone is.

    man trying to sneak into a room by crawling through the door
    @_dontstopbelieving_ / Via

    12. Seriously. If there's something in your background, people will notice.

    Private Message on Zoom while teaching class today: "This is weird but I think your dog just vomited on the rug behind you."

    Twitter: @robglover2009

    13. Above all, make sure you don't forget to change your Zoom name back at the end of a call with friends.

    @annemariemackey My toddler joined her dance class as "Phatty McBigcock courtesy of my husband drinking with his buddies over zoom.

    Twitter: @JoanofDarkKnits

    14. Maybe be careful with the background changing, too — the whole class might be able to see that you just put them on a spaceship.

    @yezlek / Via

    15. I would recommend against getting a haircut during class.

    bro getting a cut in the middle of a zoom class 😭

    Twitter: @Kaughtin4k

    16. And of course, DO NOT FORGET TO MUTE YOURSELF. Especially if you're calling your substitute teacher cute.

    girl saying how cute her teacher is and then him looking up
    @xiv_aly / Via

    17. Or if you've got a hilarious response to your teacher writing "1D" on the board.

    girl saying "One dimension? More like One Direction!" and the professor saying "who's talking?"
    @ikaylaanne18 / Via

    18. Or if you're just singing to yourself.

    girl saying she was in her own world humming away in class, then the professor hearing it and asking if she's singing; another student says to ignore her
    @ilovsehni / Via

    19. Or if you're shit talking another classmate.

    As a girl is presenting, another says "She brings her this whole ass thing every time, like she doesn't have regular headphones..."

    20. Or if you're talking about how bad your poop just was.

    During a zoom, in the background, a person asks their roommate if they're going to the bathroom, and says that they shouldn't because they just had a horrible poop there
    @gilliancox1 / Via

    21. Or if you're groaning about school.

    girl describes embarrassing herself in AP Bio, showing that she groaned while her teacher was talking, and her teacher asked if she was okay
    @jennyfishspamss / Via

    22. Also, make sure not to write anything...questionable in the chat.

    23. And if you're the teacher, you may want to zoom out.

    24. Be real careful of those backgrounds, y'all. 

    25. Take this as your daily reminder not to start filming makeup-heavy TikToks during Zoom class:

    girl is putting on clown makeup for a TikTok, but then her teacher asks her to turn her camera on
    @samgsilva / Via

    26. And to actually leave the meeting when it's over.

    man calls a meeting boring, thinking it's over, then another person says he has to press "leave meeting" to actually leave
    @thejasonbyrne / Via

    27. And finally, I don't know if we can count this as a fail or a win, but one of my favorite Zoom shenanigans from the past year is this student getting "kidnapped."

    man teaching as a kid is grabbed and pulled from the room — the teacher asks "Did you guys just see Tyler get kidnapped?"
    @benchmob / Via