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    23 Reactions To The Whole "Galactic Federation" Situation That Are — Yeah, I'll Say It — Out Of This World

    Me @ the aliens: Can you come pick me up? I'm scared.

    First, let's get ya up to speed: This morning, the Jerusalem Post published an article in which the former head of Israel's space security program, Haim Eshed, claimed that aliens exist and have been in contact with not only Israel, but also the US.

    He talked about the existence of a "Galactic Federation" and said there is an underground base on Mars with both American and alien representatives. He also stated that President Trump knows about aliens, and was about to tell the world — but that the aliens stopped him because they think the human race needs to evolve more before they're ready for this news.

    Well, you already KNOW Twitter had a field day with this claim, especially the part about aliens allegedly not wanting us to know about them...because, honestly, fair. Anyway, here are some of the best jokes and reactions to the whole situation:

    1. A lot of people joked about what aliens must think of us:

    The Galactic Federation just watching the earth destroy itself

    2. And their unwillingness to let us join their Federation:

    Earth: "Can we join the Galactic Federation?" The Galactic Federation:

    3. And even their disappointment with us:

    the aliens in the galactic federation checking in on earth once a week to see if we're ready to join yet

    4. And how they're probably, in general, unimpressed by us:

    The aliens in their galactic federation meeting doing their monthly check up on earth:

    5. Heck, maybe even DISGUSTED:

    The Galactic Federation getting it’s yearly report on Earth at the end of 2020. #GalacticFederation

    6. In particular, people felt bad for whatever alien is in charge of monitoring us:

    imagine being the earth ambassador for the galactic federation and every week ur boss is like “is earth ready yet” and ur just like

    7. Someone imagined how an entry interview for the Federation might go:

    The Galactic Federation interviews Earth for membership

    8. A lot of people were ready to be taken away:

    Me sending signals to the Galactic Federation to take me with them #GalacticFederation

    9. Even, some might say, desperate to be taken away:

    Me at the gates of mars tryna join the galactic federation:

    10. But most people knew what the answer would be:

    Galactic Federation: exists Humans: think we could maybe... 🥺 👉👈 Galactic Federation:

    11. Which, of course, was a huge disappointment:

    The Galactic Federation after Earth asks if they can join.

    12. Some people were just thirsty:

    So......hear me out...are there any bad alien bitches in the galactic federation?🥴

    13. Which is probably yet ANOTHER reason why the aliens want nothing to do with us:

    Me to all the galactic federation alien baddies out there roaming space once they get down to earth

    14. Of course, there were all the Star Wars references:

    Galactic Federation committee verdict: The earths membership is denied Earthlings:

    15. Like...maybe TOO many Star Wars references:

    Exclusive look at the "Galactic Federation" members

    16. Some people worried about the aliens being upset with Eshed for leaking news of their existence:

    The alien from the galactic federation waiting to confront the person who leaked their existence

    17. There was, as always, a perfect opportunity for a John Mulaney meme:

    humans: can we meet the aliens yet the galactic federation:

    18. And this classic meme made a comeback:

    The Galactic Federation establishing contact with humans for the first time (c. 2020 AD)

    19. Some people referenced the fact that we've been joking about aliens all year:

    us: whAts NeXt fOr 2020? aLiEnS??? lol the galactic federation:

    20. Some people were coming up with creative ways to save us using our Disney knowledge:

    make sure that when the Galactic Federation eventually gets pissy with us we tell them that mosquitoes are an endangered species

    21. Some people just loved what was arguably the best part of the article:

    someone must’ve had fun writing that bit. i’m sure once the “galactic federation” shows itself, they’ll be very impressed by this amount of comedy of the human race

    22. Even George Takei was like 👀:

    Galactic Federation, you say?

    23. So, uh, yeah...with only three weeks left of 2020, maybe let's just STOP ASKING "What's next?":

    Us: "WhAt'S nExT iN 2020, aLIeNs lOl? December: Galactic Federation Us:

    So...what do you think about the "Galactic Federation"? Share your feelings in the comments below! Also, be sure to click through and follow your fave creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun place to be!!!