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    21 Tumblr Posts About Cats That Are The Specific Brand Of Humor Cat People Love

    Father, I crave violence.

    1. This catter facing a relatable struggle:

    someone says they're trying to convince their roommate to stop eating tinfoil with a picture of their cat
    transheadcrab / Tumblr / Via

    2. This poor thing, who found themselves in a predicament:

    a cat stuck inside a plastic water bottle container
    highlandvalley / Tumblr / Via

    3. This cat, who may or may not have been possessed by the devil:

    a cat with flour on its face, making it look like a demon
    halloweenhalloweenhalloween / Tumblr / Via

    4. This kitty, who was DISCONTENT:

    a cat meowing with the caption "pekoe suggest: screme when not allowed to eet brother's dinner"
    catsuggest / Tumblr / Via

    5. This familiar face:

    a cat with a rainbow refraction on the floor next to it with the caption "nyan cat?!"
    stupidpetface / Tumblr / Via

    6. This ~otherworldy~ kitty:

    7. This bb, who just wanted to learn:

    a cat at a desk with the caption "everyone has the right to education"
    markv5 / Tumblr / Via

    8. This furry friend, who was quite particular about his treats:

    a text video game-style roleplay with a cat in a box where you choose options to get him out with treats and then at the end acquire "Friend Norman"
    littletantrums / Tumblr / Via

    9. This surprised cat that was caught in the act:

    a cat being picked up from a knocked over pot of soil with the responses "did you just unearth a cat from a pot of soil" and "the harvest is bountiful this year"
    corporation-cats / Tumblr / Via

    10. This adorable kitten, who wanted to make sure their sibling didn't miss out:


    11. This bb, who just wanted to run with the big leagues:

    12. This kitter who was maybe grumpy, or maybe just bored:

    a cat looking happy being held then biting its owner for no reason
    transjon / Tumblr / Via

    13. This kitty that didn't know what to do with love:

    a cat with a lipstick kiss on its head
    toshio / Tumblr / Via

    14. This catto, who just wanted to participate:

    15. This cat who got a little lost:

    a cat in a pot on the stove with the captions "im soup" and "if it fits im soup," with a meme of an anime character saying "what do you mean you're soup?"
    catasters / Tumblr / Via

    16. This kitters who was here to help:

    a cat in a safety jacket with info saying it was adopted by construction workers in Chile and named a foreman
    tastefullyoffensive / Tumblr / Via

    17. This cat who was NOT pleased:

    18. And this catter, who made their discontent known:

    a meowing angry cat with the captions "biblical" and "PISSED Off"
    tansit / Tumblr / Via

    19. This kitty, who just wanted to hunt:


    20. This kitten, who was causing marital issues:

    a person talks about asking their husband to stop unfolding clothes and leaving them on the floor, then discovers it was actually their cat, calling them a homewrecker
    sandersstudies / Tumblr

    21. And finally, all these cats, who got themselves into a number of strange situations:

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