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    Identical Twins Are Revealing All The Hijinks And Pranks They Pulled Together, And I've Never Wanted An Identical Twin So Badly

    Raise your hand if you've wanted an identical twin ever since you saw "Harry Potter."

    A while back, we asked the twins and lookalike siblings of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best twin pranks and switches. Here are some of their responses!

    Note: Some submissions are from this and this Reddit thread because they're too good to ignore.

    1. "As a twin, people ask you three questions: 1) 'Oh my god... Are you TWINS???' 2) 'Can you read each other's minds?' ... 3) 'Wow... Have you guys ever switched classes?' My brother and I...have devised a system to deal with the second question."

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    "When attempting to read each other's minds, we have a list of words in specific order that we always use: grapefruit, water fountain, dinosaur, Mexico, etc. We usually get to about Mexico 'til someone smart finally realizes that we could have possibly planned it all in advance."


    2. "My twin sister and I used to get asked (ALL THE TIME) if we could read one another's minds. ... We both know the alphabet in sign language. We'd make sure we were sitting in a position that allowed us to see one another's hands. ... We would shut our eyes tightly and put our fingers to our temples as if transmitting the word. ... While they were watching our faces, we would sneakily open our eyes just enough to see what the other person was signing."

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    "Then the person would be amazed, and we were somewhat proud of reinforcing their stupidity. This happened more often than I would like to admit."


    3. "I have identical twin cousins. One is very shy and soft-spoken, and the other one is outgoing and not afraid to speak her mind. ... The shy one had a boyfriend years ago, and she found out he cheated on her. She wasn’t brave enough to confront him and dump him, so her sister dressed up as her twin, chewed the guy out, and dumped his ass with flair. He never knew what hit him."


    4. "It wasn't a switch, but my brother and I were getting annoyed by this guy, so when he said something about us being twins, we both turned and told him, 'Are you racist? We aren't related. I'm Chinese and he's Japanese.' We managed to get all of our friends to go along with it. To this day, he still thinks we aren't related and feels terrible for mentioning thinking it."


    5. "My identical twin brother had a homework become an 'expert' on a subject you are not familiar/experienced with over the weekend and present what you know to the class on Monday. ... He stands in front of the class and tells everyone that over the weekend he became an expert on TIME TRAVEL."

    Hermione and Harry using the time turner in Harry Potter
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    "He says, 'Allow me to explain with this diagram...' and turns to the chalk board. That's my cue. I burst into the room. 'STOP THE PRESENTATION! STOP THE PRESENTATION!' The class is silent, confused, and somewhat alarmed. 'What? Why? Who are you?' my 'surprised' brother asks. 'It's me! You! I'm YOU from the future! Your invention works! It really works! But you have to go home immediately and turn off the gas to your stove! I'll explain more later, but hurry, you don't have much time!' I exclaim, and I run out of the room... He got an A."


    6. "My identical twin brother and I were riding a bus back from summer camp. I was sitting mid-bus, and he was in the front. This one girl, after a week of seeing us at camp, finally connects the dots and yells out to the bus, 'Holy crap! You guys look soooo similar! Are you related?!?!' my brother and I quickly make eye contact and we know: The game is on."


    "For the next 20 minutes, we acted like we had never met before. [We came up with] backstories about each of our lives, being adopted, growing up, friends, school, how we got into going to camp, stuff like that. We had this girl 100% convinced that she had reunited long-lost brothers."


    7. "My teacher told me this one. His two twin friends from high school did this. ... One of them walked into some fast-food restaurant and bought a burger. As he was about to take a bite out of it, his twin (who hadn't shaved in a week, so he had a bit of a mustache) ran through the door in the same clothes, but they were covered in tin foil...and slapped the burger out of his hand and yelled at him, 'NO, DON'T EAT THAT BURGER. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!'"


    "[He] ran out, where he had a bunch of friends aim flashlights at the window for a few seconds, before turning them all out."


    8. "It was our first day, and nobody at the school knew us yet. We decided to dress exactly identical. And as we were walking into the schoolyard, he walked over to the group of other students. I...hid behind a garbage can at the bottom step of the staircase that conjoined with the staircase that led up to our classroom."

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    "When the other students started walking toward the door, my brother says (extra loud, so I can hear), 'He left his backpack at the other side of the schoolyard.' So he ran over to get it, going behind a tree and out of sight. The second they can't see him, but still watching where he disappeared, I burst out of the front door, out of breath and holding an identical backpack. The looks I saw that day were hilarious."


    9. "My identical twin sister had a stroke with paralysis (not her face) when we were 31. I went to visit her in rehab, and when she was in the bathroom, the doctor came in and saw me sitting in a chair. When I saw his double take, I said, 'I'm feeling much better!' and asked if I could go home. (We're in our 50s now, and my sister is doing OK.)"

    surprised nurse on Grey's Anatomy

    10. "Mr. F. was one of my favorite teachers that year — nice, funny, and made geography fun. However, some days he just seemed off his game. He would kind of keep quiet and give us busy work to complete, while he would sit at his desk and read."

    Morgan Freeman saying "you sneaky thing you"

    "On one of these off days, Mr. F. wrote our assignment for the day on the board...written in almost illegible cursive. One of the more observant students asked why he wrote it like that when he usually writes in neat, all capital letters...someone remembered Mr. F. telling us he had an identical twin brother, and the class went nuts. We kept hounding him the entire class, asking if he was really our teacher, and all he would say is, 'I AM Mr. F.!' ... I learned a few years later that his twin brother actually was a certified substitute teacher for the county (thus confirming our suspicions). To this day, I still don't know how many times the imposter was teaching my class."


    11. "My freshman Spanish teacher had a disease that made it impossible for him to walk. Consequently, he used an electronic cart to get around. Little did the class know that he had a twin brother. Sr. Imposter stood up out of his cart nonchalantly to hand out the grades of the previous quiz, only to sit back down as if nothing happened."

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    "The class was dumbfounded."


    12. "I'll never forget the Reddit story about the brother and sister that looked so much alike that the sister's fiancé met the brother, wondered if he was gay, and the entire engagement fell apart because months later, he had a crush on the brother."

    David saying "my god" on Schitt's Creek

    13. "The only big switch we ever did was in the yearbook. We took senior portraits as the other twin and had our combined quote be, 'People always ask us if we switch places to mess with people...' 'Well the answer’s yes.”

    Michael getting shocked on The Office

    14. "One time when I was working as a camp counselor, [my brother] dropped me off at work before a big staff meeting, and I gave him my staff shirt while I hid out in another building."

    Wichita and Columbus asking "what is going on here?" in Zombieland Double Tap
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    "No one seemed to notice. Five to ten minutes after the meeting started, I confidently walked in and said, 'Hey guys, sorry I’m late, I couldn’t find my shir...YOU!' I pointed at my twin and chased him out of the room. We traded shirts back, and I returned to the room with all of my coworkers laughing and applauding."


    15. "My friend has a twin, and one time at a bar we frequented that had two levels, a girl pointed out that she had seen a dude who looked just like my buddy down in the basement bar. My buddy immediately starts speaking English with a German accent and asks her to take her to him (his brother)."

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    "He whips out his phone and texts his brother on the way to quickly explain. Poor girl spent the rest of the night telling everyone in the bar that she had helped long-lost twins find each other."


    16. "My sister had to write a 20-minute speech. ... We brainstormed, and the thing that always bugged her the most during our schooling was how...most people would call us Twin 1 and Twin 2 or by our last name. ... We were really irritated at some people who didn't make the effort in getting to know our names."

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    "Eventually the day came and I...switched clothes with my sis and entered her classroom as inconspicuously as possible. ... When it was my turn, I gave the cue to my sis that we were starting (she was right outside the door). ... I went up to the podium, and I introduced myself as my sis, and I began the speech called 'Living in Plurality.' ... After about eight minutes, I paused. I put down my cue cards and looked at the class. I sighed and told them I have been lying this whole time. ... That's when my sister walks in, and I admit to the class that I am actually not my sis. ... Everyone crapped their pants of awe and embarrassment."


    17. "I met my husband because I was mistaken for my identical twin. ... Both my mother and my sister had met him and kept joking about how they had found 'the one' for me. My sister, being a super cool heartbreaker of a lesbian, befriended him at our favorite coffee shop. ... One day, he walked in while I was reading by myself."

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    "He came over and started chatting with me. Most jaw-droppingly handsome man I had ever met, and he was talking to me like we were the best of friends. I realized he thought I was my twin and played along. About half an hour later, he realized he'd been had. Still, it worked!"


    18. "My great-grandfather had an identical twin brother. ... When the first twin passed away, they had an open casket at the wake for him. ... Before anyone got there, the other twin and some of their closest friends switched out the bodies and took the dead brother next door to the conveniently close Irish pub and drank with him propped up as the other brother filled in for most of the wake."

    Spongebob crying over an awake Mr. Krabs in a coffin

    "I never heard the whole story or how they switched back, but I'm sure with a couple breaths and small movements here and there, some people were pretty freaked out."


    19. And finally, we'll leave you with a story from Rami Malek about his twin brother taking a class at UCLA:

    Rami explains that his brother needed credits to graduate and had a teacher who said she'd give them if he performed a monologue from a greek tragedy, so he asked Rami to do it for him, and the teacher was in shock after and Rami called it "just a hobby"
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    Got any more hilarious twin switcharoos for us? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.