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    50 "Friends" Outfits That Were So '90s


    Friends is an iconic show for many reasons. I mean, we've got SO MANY classic one-liners, a wild amount of famous guest stars, "The Rachel," and "Smelly Cat."

    But who can forget the fashion of the show?? Every time I watch it, I am completely transported to the '90s. For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a list of the most '90s fashion moments on Friends.

    1. This oversized acid wash denim vest over an acid wash button up.

    2. This flower sheer sweater vest and barettes:

    3. This grandpa sweater, rhinestone barette, yellow shirt, and low waisted jeans combo:

    4. This kilt, sweater, and high socks combo:

    5. This tank top over a T-shirt:

    6. This structured brown leather jacket over a turtleneck.

    7. This bandanna and bright T-shirt over a daisy print long-sleeve.

    8. These grandma sweaters:

    9. This massive corduroy jacket.

    10. This plaid shirt and gelled hair combo:

    11. The first of many overalls on this list.

    12. This fuzzy top with pink cheetah print pants:

    13. This button-up tied into a belly shirt:

    14. Another bright printed shirt and chunk necklace:

    15. Joey's tight high neck short sleeve shirt tucked into his jeans:

    16. These suspenders and khakis:

    17. This USA shirt paired with tights and high-waisted shorts:

    18. Another pair of overalls:

    19. This oversized sweater, long necklace, and long skirt:

    20. Monica's long paisley puff sleeve dress:

    21. This qipao, which would *probably* not be worn today:

    22. The second of MANY jean vests on this list:

    23. Aaand the first of many vests on Chandler:

    24. AND the first of many velvet dresses.

    25. This long yellow dress paired with a large flower necklace:

    26. This gray camo v-neck (a trend that unfortunately continued into the 2000s):

    27. And yet another long dress over a long-sleeve:

    28. This red tank top paired with mom jeans:

    29. And another pair of overalls!

    30. And another denim vest. :(

    31. This sweater that I'm pretty sure one of the kids in Harry Potter wore:

    32. This crop top with high-waisted loose striped pants:

    33. ANOTHER. VEST.

    34. This wedding dress:

    35. This fringe vest Phoebe wore:

    36. And this turtleneck with a button-up dress over it:

    37. Another vest from Chandler. :(

    38. This sleeveless plaid button-up tied into a crop top:

    39. This oversized sweater Monica wore:

    40. This oversized vest and button-up Phoebe wore:

    41. Phoebe's velvet dress:

    42. This strapless dress Rachel wore:

    43. This skirt that looks like the print of the water in Bikini Bottom:

    44. Joey's turtleneck and hair:

    45. This scrunchie, layered necklace, dress-over-a-loose-top lewk:

    46. Another pair of overalls:

    47. This low waisted pleated skirt, high boots, and nylons combo:

    48. This long sleeve see-through top and trousers.

    49. This maxi dress and crochet vest:

    50. And finally, whatever is going on here: