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    There Was A Hot Take About Bucky's Arm In The Last Episode Of "The Falcon And The Winter Soldier," And People Weren't Having It

    I mean, they gave him the arm for free...

    Good morning, Marvel fans and curious people who clicked on this post just for the heck of it! I've gathered you here today to talk about THIS tweet you may have seen making the rounds on Twitter, from TV actor/director Stephen Ford, who you might recognize from Teen Wolf.

    Okay but the Wakandans putting a built-in weakness in Bucky’s arm is like really messed up. It shows they never fully trusted him. He spent years trying to finally reclaim his autonomy, only to be undermined in an instant by those who helped. It’s just sad.

    Twitter: @StephenSeanFord

    The tweet concerns a short moment in the most recent episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, when Bucky is battling the Dora Milaje.

    Disney+ / Marvel

    Bucky actually steps in to help Walker and Lemar/stop the Dora Milaje from taking Zemo. Personally, I felt this was out of character for Sam and Bucky, who didn't technically need Zemo anymore (they'd already found Karli) — plus, they were enjoying seeing the Dora Milaje dominate over Walker and Lemar.

    It also comes in an episode that started with a scene featuring the Wakandans (in particular, Ayo) helping break Bucky's Winter Soldier programming. In case you forgot, the Wakandans also gave Bucky his new arm before the big battle in Infinity War.

    Ayo telling Bucky that he is free now
    Disney+ / Marvel

    Let's talk about the Battle of Wakanda for a second — the Wakandans once again agreed to help a single Avenger for free (Vision), and then used their ENTIRE ARMY to fight off Thanos's army so they could do so. Even without the Snap, who knows how many Wakandans died in battle? They ALSO made up a huge part of the army again in Endgame, a fact which was just brushed over. Each time, without complaining or hesitation (unlike the US government, which was actively hostile to Sam, Steve, and Natasha when they came back to help).

    Alright, back to the tweet. Now, I love Bucky. But the boy is not perfect, and he certainly didn't spend "years trying to finally reclaim his autonomy" on his own. The Wakandans gave up time and resources to help him, literally harboring a fugitive and putting their own people in danger and asking for nothing in return.


    Of course, as I talked about re: the battles in Infinity War and Endgame, they do stuff like this a lot.

    They had no obligation to give Bucky some new superpowered vibranium arm. That was completely separate from breaking his mind control. In fact, they only did it because Thanos's army was coming.

    Bucky asking T'Challa where the fight is when he's presented with his new arms

    I'm honestly a little shocked the US government even let him keep the arm after he was pardoned.

    So, yes, I think they had every right to momentarily deactivate (let's remember he put it right back on and it worked fine) the gift they gave him BECAUSE he was using it as a weapon against them. It's not like he was eating dinner and they just jumped in to rip off his prosthetic arm.

    Sam asks Bucky if he knew the Dora Milaje could deactivate his arm
    Disney+ / Marvel

    Does Bucky have a right to an arm? Uh, yeah, everyone who wants a prosthetic arm should be able to get one. But does he have a right to a superpowered vibranium arm he got for free and is now using for violence? No.

    Yes, it probably was a bit of a reminder, like, "Hey, we gave you this, we can take it back." But...what's wrong with that? Let's not forget that after the Wakandans spent years saving Bucky, he went and helped the man who killed their king break out of prison.

    Disney+ / Marvel

    Pretty dick move.

    Zemo had already given them his information and helped them find Karli. They didn't even have any other use for him other than battle. But they still kept him free instead of trying to turn him in or letting the Wakandans take him.

    Disney+ / Marvel

    I honestly don't know why they didn't let Walker take him, as much as Walker sucks.

    I think it's pretty clear that the Wakandans were in the right to deactivate Bucky's arm. But I'm not the only one who thinks so.

    The Wakandans put in a failsafe to ensure that their technology would never be used against them. ... Something Tony Stark MIGHT have considered. Honestly.

    Twitter: @SeekerCat5500

    Some compared it to other examples of superheroes using fail-safes against other heroes.

    Batman carries kryptonite in his pocket every time he leaves the cave, no one bats an eye. Wakandans build a failsafe into tech they allowed a partially-reformed brainwashed super assassin to use, tech that’s CONSTANTLY stolen from them, and you’re mad they don’t trust anybody?

    Twitter: @muh_tay_ohh

    And many compared it to something Tony would have done, as well as him taking away Peter's suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    So let me get this straight: The Wakandans accept a dude that could go off on a murder spree at ANY MOMENT, fix him and gift him a weapon of their OWN design and you’re upset they can turn it off? Where was this energy when Tony did this to Peter with his suit? Stop the madness.

    Twitter: @UpToTASK

    Others also brought up the Wakandans' rightful distrust of outsiders.

    Only a white man would find it sad that a Black nation doesn’t fully trust anyone outside their nation. Bucky broke out Zemo on some bullshit “means to an end” and had no plans to turn him over to the Wakandans That’s exactly why they used the admin code on his ass...arm.

    Twitter: @wordsbyuchechi

    A couple people chimed in to voice their support for Stephen's sentiment, but those responses were few and far between.

    @StephenSeanFord Yeah, I felt the same when watching it. It’d be like raising funds to buy someone a wheelchair and later on dumping them out of it because they did something you didn’t approve of, really gross, and Bucky must have felt so betrayed. Not so free as Ayo claimed at the start.

    Twitter: @Swiggybeme

    Stephen has since responded to the reaction to his tweet, calling it a "bad take."

    im not deleting this tweet, i'm leaving it up as a momument of bad takes

    Twitter: @StephenSeanFord

    What do you guys think? Were the Dora Milaje in the wrong for deactivating Bucky's arm, or was this a bad take? Let me know in the comments!

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