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Karens May Be The Most Entitled People In The World, And These 32 Photos Prove It

*Tries to sue people for calling them "Karens."*

I'm willing to bet that we all, in our lives, have dealt with a Karen.

Dealing with a Karen is completely infuriating — but god, does it feel good to call them out. Here are 32 Karens we'd like to call out that will truly make your blood boil:

1. This Karen, who wanted to sue a gas station for their own mistake:

2. This homophobic Karen, who thought two boys kissing warranted a call to the police:

3. This review-leaving Karen who hadn't even been to the restaurant they left a review for:

4. This Karen, who got free money and still complained:

5. This male Karen, who felt entitled to leave a bad review after their order wasn't put in because their SERVER HAD A SEIZURE:

Bruh from facepalm

6. This Karen, who threatened to sue over being called a Karen:

7. This Karen, who decided "it's outrageous that we should have to look at cars with such a low Kelly Blue Book value":

8. This Karen, who thought their hate speech was just an "opinion":

9. This quote from what might be the most entitled Karen ever:

10. This Karen, who literally modified a roadway:

11. This Karen, who took an innocent tweet about ice cream to be 100% about her, because of course they did:

12. This Karen, who wanted an entire game eradicated because they didn't like it:

13. This Karen parent, who seemed to think teachers have endless time and money:

14. This Karen, who not only sat in a restricted area, but did so so they could complain:

15. This Karen, who was upset their knife worked:

16. This Karen, who wanted the police warned because people were...(checks notes)...raising money for charity?:

17. This Karen, who called Oklahoma "North Korea" after it was suggested that their kids treat-or-treat on October 30th instead of the 31st:

18. And this Karen, who complained because she got too many trick-or-treaters??:

person complaining about all the kids coming to their house for halloween

19. This Karen, who thought they were marginalized:

20. And this Karen, who thought calling someone a Karen was "just as bad as the n-word":

21. This Karen, who felt they should be able to order anything from a menu one minute prior to closing:

22. This Karen, who complained about a slight delay in getting induced for labor because of too many women in active labor in the middle of a pandemic (because yeah, that's totally the hospital's fault):

23. This vegetarian, who asked people to stop barbecuing meat during the summer:

24. This bridezilla Karen, who wanted to buy their bridal party surprise gifts, and then charge the party for them if they didn't show up:

facebook post of person's opinion that if you buy a personalized gift for a member of your bridal party and they don't come, you should charge them for it

25. This Karen, who was mad over 0.01 inch:

26. This Karen, who threatened to sue Victoria's Secret, for, uh...advertising their clothing?:

27. This person who was mad that refunds weren't prioritized over safety during a fire:

28. This Karen, who was angry at people for locking their car doors:

29. This Karen, who let his granddaughter swim in a lake without a lifeguard, and then decided it was the city's fault for not having a lifeguard when his daughter got hurt:

facebook post complaining that there was no a lifeguard at a lake so the man let his granddaughter swim and she was bit by a turtle

30. This Karen, who refused to let the person behind them put their window shade down:

31. This Karen, who was angry that the measurements of a product were in the metric system:

complaints on facebook messenger saying using the metric system is devious in this culture and to use "correct" measurements (aka, the imperial system)

32. And finally, this Karen, who was for some reason personally offended by a dinosaur statue: