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    27 Times "SpongeBob" Was So Just So Spine-Chillingly Disturbing

    I wish I could erase these from my mind.

    Like many of us, I loved SpongeBob growing up.

    But there are a few moments that I still think about to this day because they were simply terrifying. Here are 27 SpongeBob moments that scarred me for life:

    1. When Squidward was stuck in the Nowhere dimension:

    2. When Patrick UNZIPPED HIMSELF to reveal a gorilla:

    3. And then that gorilla tore SpongeBob in half:

    4. When a ghost breathed on Patrick and did this to his face:

    Patrick's face all wrinkly and gross with his eyes sealed shut

    5. When the Flying Dutchman was trying to scare SpongeBob:

    6. Which included turning into SpongeBob:

    7. When SpongeBob created the evil DoodleBob:

    DoodleBob holding a pencil up next to a fallen SpongeBob and Patrick

    8. When the Flying Dutchman threw Squidward into the zipper:

    9. When a giant Krabby Patty monster started eating people:

    a large piece of meat shaped like a tongue

    10. When the sea bear attacked Squidward a bunch of times:

    11. When this evil face appeared on a drop of hot sauce:

    12. When SpongeBob was possessed by Plankton and did a full 180-degree turn:

    13. When Patrick and SpongeBob were making paintbrushes from their nose hairs, and Patrick's nose looked like this:

    Patrick inserts the paintbrush into a large hole where his nose should be.

    14. Everything about the Hash-Slinging Slasher episode, but ESPECIALLY when NOSFERATU showed up:

    15. When SpongeBob pulled a straight-up Salad Fingers and drew faces on his hands:

    16. When Squidward got stuck in a walk-in freezer for thousands of years:

    Squidward frozen to death in the freezer window

    17. Literally everything about the "Rock Bottom" episode, but especially this information person:

    18. And every time SpongeBob missed the bus, which gave me serious anxiety:

    19. This motherf***er:

    20. When SpongeBob's brain was exposed after Patrick shaved him:

    SpongeBob next to Patrick with his brain exposed and skin shaved down to a column below it

    21. When there was a fire in the Krusty Krab kitchen:

    22. When all the characters were fused to Squidward:

    Squidward with everyone fused to his body in a lump

    23. When SpongeBob said that he and Squidward were closer than brothers, then lifted Squidward's shirt to show that they were connected:

    24. When SpongeBob thought he was dealing with an ice cream lady, but it was really a piece of a monster's tongue:

    25. Everything about the sandworm:

    a large worm made of sand with cracked teeth and a knotted tongue

    26. When the characters' faces froze in grotesque expressions:

    everyone's faces in wrinkled, disgusting, contorted positions

    27. And finally, every time the characters peeled off their skin:

    Can you remember any other SpongeBob moments that scarred you for life? Let me know in the comments below!