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    17 Disney Channel Couples, Ranked From "Definitely Broken Up" To "Together Forever"

    Did Lizzie and Gordo end up together?

    Growing up, I was a huge Disney Channel fan, and honestly, I mostly watched for the couples.

    Disney Channel

    I'm not including Derek and Casey on this list because it was only implied, but...don't lie. You shipped them, too.

    I was super invested in all the couples below, but I'm not sure they all went the distance. Here are 17 iconic Disney Channel couples ranked by how likely I think it is that they stayed together!

    1. Will and Layla from Sky High:

    Layla and Will sitting on his roof together
    Disney Channel

    Listen, we ALL KNOW LAYLA ENDED UP WITH WARREN PEACE. They're still going strong years later as the ultimate power couple of the superhero world, while Will married his sidekick.

    2. Raven and Eddie from That's So Raven:

    Disney Channel

    We know from Raven's Home that they didn't end up together, and that's no surprise. They definitely never became anything serious, and Raven lost touch with him.

    3. Phineas and Isabella from Phineas and Ferb:

    Disney Channel

    Isabella gets over her crush on Phineas as she gets older, and she actually ends up dating Ferb. However, after high school she moves on and ends up dating some super-impressive scientist in college, and they end up starting a nonprofit together.

    4. Phil and Keely from Phil of the Future:

    Phil and Keely kissing
    Disney Channel

    I want to believe they're together, I do. But...Phil went back to the future. My guess is they both moved on and had happy lives, but not together.

    5. Miley and Jesse from Hannah Montana:

    Disney Channel

    They 100% broke up pretty soon after Miley started college. He was a fun high school boyfriend, but it was never meant to last. Miley definitely had a robust dating life and isn't in any rush to settle down.

    6. Kim and Ron from Kim Possible:

    Kim and Ron dancing together at prom
    Disney Channel

    Look, you guys, I want to believe they ended up together. But I don't know...I feel like Kim went off to do some super-secret spy stuff for a while and they lost touch for like a decade. They probably met up again much later when Kim needed Ron's help, and maybe sparks flew, but I'm not sure. Maybe they got together again in old age.

    7. Lizzie and Gordo from Lizzie McGuire:

    Disney Channel

    Lizzie and Gordo were definitely high school sweethearts who tried to make it work in college and just couldn't. Lizzie is definitely still single (although she was supposed to have a boyfriend in the reboot) and looking for the right match, while Gordo is married but still close with Lizzie.

    8. Mitchie and Shane from Camp Rock:

    Mitchie and Shane singing together
    Disney Channel

    Anyone else get A Star Is Born vibe from them? I think that's basically how their relationship went. Mitchie got super successful while Shane was struggling, and either they broke up or something bad happened to end their relationship.

    9. Nick and Macy from Jonas:

    Macy smiling at Nick
    Disney Channel

    Nick and Macy are definitely on again, off again. Macy actually becomes a famous actor or model, and the two are constantly in the press, but it's never clear if they're going to end up together or not.

    10. Cody and Bailey from The Suite Life on Deck:

    Disney Channel

    Cody and Bailey are still together, but they're NOT happy. Neither of them feels free to completely be themself, and they're both disappointed in where their lives have gone, but neither will do anything about it. They're too set in their ways to risk trying something new, so they stay in the unhappy situation.

    11. Chad and Taylor from High School Musical:

    Disney Channel

    Chad and Taylor are definitely married with kids. They're not 100% happy, but they're not unhappy, either. There's not a ton of passion left, but they care for each other and their children a lot and are mostly content with their lives.

    12. Lilly and Oliver from Hannah Montana:

    Lilly and Oliver sitting together
    Disney Channel

    Lilly and Oliver stayed together and are insufferable to be around. They're super lovey-dovey, but not in a cute way, and are always embarrassing their kids. Still, most people are happy for them as long as they cool it on the weird nicknames.

    13. Mason and Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place:

    Alex and Mason hugging
    Disney Channel

    Mason and Alex are still together, but their relationship can be pretty dramatic and rocky at times. There is definitely some suspicion and jealousy that never completely goes away, but they always manage to resolve their issues, and the chemistry never goes away.

    14. Joe and Stella from Jonas:

    Joe and Stella kissing
    Disney Channel

    Joe and Stella are still together. They have a SUPER-long engagement and are waiting a WHILE to have kids, but they love traveling the world together while Joe tours and Stella runs her own business. They remain best friends and support each other through thick and thin.

    15. Candace and Jeremy from Phineas and Ferb:

    Disney Channel

    Candace and Jeremy are 100% dating and happy, and both are in shock every day that the other loves them as much as they do. Candace can still be uptight, but Jeremy always helps her loosen up and enjoy life more, while Candace helps Jeremy have a little more structure in his life.

    16. Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical:

    Disney Channel

    Troy and Gabriella are the high school sweethearts who actually made it. They definitely went through some difficulties and fought about Troy's commitment to his family, but in the end they worked it out, and Troy is a basketball coach, while Gabriella works in a lab.

    17. And, finally, Sonny and Chad from Sonny With a Chance:

    Disney Channel

    Sonny and Chad have kept the chemistry going all this time, and they're still just as in love as they were in the show. They're the kind of relationship everyone wants, but few have.

    What do you think? Was I off base on any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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