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    I Still Don't Know How Disney Channel Got These 24 Mega Famous Celebs To Be On Their Shows

    The Proud Family guest star cast was STACKED.

    1. Shaq as himself in Sonny With A Chance

    Sterling asks Sonny if she's met his long lost identical twin brother, and Shaq turns and says "What's up? The name's Shaquenzie"
    Disney Channel

    Well, as himself AND Sterling's long lost identical twin brother Shaquenzie.

    2. Shakira as herself on Wizards Of Wavily Place

    Selena/Alex copying Shakira's moves
    Eric McCandless / Disney Channel / courtesy Everett Collection

    Now that I see this photo, I remember this, and it was iconic.

    3. The Rock as himself on Wizards Of Waverly Place

    Dwayne introduces himself and acting clueless, Selena/Alex says "Ohhh, you're Dwayne Johnson"
    Disney Channel

    I know Alex is just pretending not to recognize him, but HOW could the Rock think ANYONE wouldn't know who he was??

    4. Steven Tyler as Santa on Lizzie McGuire

    Steven Tyler says righteous and Gordo says "Santa just said righteous" then later, Steven performs "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town"
    Disney Channel

    A weird casting choice, but at least it got us this great cover.

    5. Carly Rae Jepsen as herself in Shake It Up.

    Carly says she was going to ask if there were nuts around but figured it out herself. CeCe mentions Carly being there to Rocky and Rocky says, "That was her?"
    Disney Channel

    I was gonna get mad at Zendaya for not recognizing the pop queen, but then I realized I have absolutely no memory of Carly being on this show.

    6. Dolly Parton as herself on Hannah Montana

    Dolly and Hannah with their arms around each other
    Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Makes sense, since Dolly is Miley's godmother in real life, too.

    7. Mark Cuban as himself on Girl Meets World

    Mark Cuban smiling and Lucas says, "That's Mark Cuban. He owns the Dallas Mavericks"
    Disney Channel

    So random! (No, not the show.)

    8. Cyndi Lauper as Ms. Petuto on That's So Raven

    Disney Channel

    Still bummed she didn't do a musical performance.

    9. Tyra Banks as Ms. Burke in Shake It Up

    Tyra dressed as a librarian
    Disney Channel

    Tyra also memorably appeared in The Hannah Montana Movie.

    10. George Takei as Master Sensei in Kim Possible

    Disney Channel, Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images for PFLAG

    Master Sensei revealed to Ron that he had Mystical Monkey Power, which is a plotline I entirely forgot about.

    11. Larry David as himself in Hannah Montana

    Larry David says "are you kidding to a restaurant host" after he seats Hannah and not him, with his daughter saying "but he's Larry David!"
    Disney Channel

    Fun fact: The two girls who played his daughters are his IRL daughters, Cazzie and Romy!

    12. Samuel L. Jackson as Joseph in The Proud Family

    Disney Channel, Bruce Glikas / WireImage via Getty Images

    This one shocked me. He sounds so different!

    13. Lance Bass and Joey Fatone as boy band members in Kim Possible

    blonde cartoon character labeled Lance Bass and another labeled Joey Fatone then a picture of both of them on the red carpet together
    Disney Channel / Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for SXSW

    They appear to be big Disney fans — Lance Bass also guest-starred in Gravity Falls, and Joey Fatone also appeared in Hannah Montana.

    14. Debbie Reynolds as Nana Possible on Kim Possible

    Disney Channel, Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    This shouldn't surprise me, as Debbie Reynolds was an absolute legend.

    15. Sandra Oh as Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s girlfriend in Phineas and Ferb

    Disney Channel, Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    I'm shocked I didn't recognize her voice!

    16. Chloe and Halle Bailey as themselves on Austin and Ally

    host asks Chloe and Halle for advice for the contestants, and they said to work hard, follow your dreams, and "have a talented sister"
    Disney Channel

    They were such babies!

    17. Solange Knowles as Penny's cousin Chanel on The Proud Family

    Disney Channel, Jason Mendez / Getty Images for The Town Hall

    Also, was no one going to tell me that Solange AND Destiny's Child sang the theme song???

    18. Jon Stewart as Judge Kitty Kitty Meow Meow Face-Shwartstein on Gravity Falls.

    Disney Channel, Mark Von Holden / WireImage via Getty Images

    Boy, that's a mouthful of a name.

    19. Ashanti as Randi on The Proud Family

    Disney Channel, Charles Sykes/Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    The Proud Family had a ton of other notable guest stars, like Mo'Nique and Alicia Keys, Kobe Bryant, and Mariah Carey,

    20. Danny Trejo as Wreck Marauder in Rapunzel: Tangled Ever After

    Disney Channel, Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

    Danielle Brooks and Jane Krakowski also guest-starred!

    21. Octavia Spencer as Dr. Mary Beth Evilini on Wizards of Waverly Place

    Disney Channel

    Yes, future Oscar winner Octavia Spencer once had a small role on the hit Disney Channel show.

    22. John Cena as himself in Hannah Montana

    John Cena lifting Jackson over his shoulders
    Eric McCandless / Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Fun fact, Jason Earles and John Cena are the same age.

    23. Allison Janney as Charlene Doofenshmirtz in Phineas and Ferb

    Disney Channel, Rachel Luna / FilmMagic via Getty Images

    Another Oscar winner on the list!

    24. And finally, Sheryl Crow as herself in Hannah Montana

    Sheryl and Hannah singing together
    Craig Sjodin / Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

    The two sang "Need A Little Love" together.