44 Absolutely Iconic Disney Channel Moments And Segments From The 2000s

    Bring back Mike's Super Short Show!

    Watching Disney Channel is an interesting experience because even the commercials are all about...Disney. And Disney Channel in the 2000s was just an iconic time all around.

    So let's take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the best little Disney Channel things from the '00s:

    1. The old DCOM intro with the kids jumping over film reels...

    2. ...and the later one that navigated through, like, film "sets" of various DCOMs:

    3. Express Yourself (where Disney Channel stars would talk about, like, their families or America):

    Express Yourself

    4. Friends For Change (where Disney Channel stars gave PSAs about the environment)...

    Friends for Change PSA where stars are saying friends should team up to do something

    5. ...and the "Lights, Camera, Take Action" behind-the-scenes special they did:

    Demi Lovato explains that Friends for Change is about getting friends together to make a difference in the environment

    6. BLAM! (where Mickey Mouse characters got serious injuries as some guy shouted "BLAM!"):

    Donald duck getting hit in the head with a pot of food and the words BLAM written in huge letters across the screen

    7. Disney’s 3-minute Game Show (where kids would be quizzed on recent DCOMS):

    contestants on the show being asked questions

    8. Brian O’Brian (where some dude named Brian would get up to shenanigans):

    Brian O'Brian intro with his face with puffed up cheeks

    9. The classic "You're watching Disney channel" with the Disney stars drawing ears:

    10. Music videos for Radio Disney:

    Selena Gomez Magic music video

    11. ...specifically the covers of classic Disney songs by people like the Jonas Brothers and Ashley Tisdale:

    Ashley Tisdale Kiss the Girl music video

    12. Shorty McShorts' Shorts:

    Shorty McShorts' Shorts

    13. Miniscule (where creepy-ass stop-motion bugs would do stuff):

    Miniscule bug holding up a rock

    14. High School Musical singalong...

    High School Musical singalong

    15. ...and the dance-along version...

    a group from High School Musical dancing

    16. ...and the pop-up version:

    two characters sing while a pop-up  comes on that says "sometimes, poeple don't pay attention to you when you sing karaoke"

    17. Disney Channel Games:

    Corbin Bleu and others gearing up to race

    18. Imagineer that with Tom Morrow 2.0 (where some robot would talk about Disney rides):

    Imagineer That robot talking about technology designs

    19. Cool Pets (where kids would literally just talk about their bird or goldfish for a minute):

    a kid holding up his big turtle

    20. Show Your Stuff (where kids would show off their collections, like Maddy and her iconic snow globes!):

    Maddy holding up snowglobes

    21. Pass the Plate (where Brenda Song would talk about international food):

    Brenda in a market holding up a banana

    22. Shaun the Sheep shorts:

    Shaun the Sheep

    23. Get Connected (where kids would introduce Disney video games):

    Get Connected plays Club Penguin

    24. Really Short Report (where kids would promote DVD releases):

    Really Short Report with Sonny Raines

    25. Movie Surfers (where kids would give a behind-the-scenes look at Disney movies):

    kids behind the computer and talking about scenes on Movie Surfers

    26. As the Bell Rings (where Demi Lovato and friends would hang out between classes)...

    Demi in the hallway talking to someone else while people in the background get to class

    27. ...specifically the part when Tiffany sang the alphabet backwards:

    View this video on YouTube

    Disney Channel

    Where is Tiffany now??? The people need to know.

    28. The annual New Year's Eve shows hosted by the casts of Disney Channel shows:

    Totally Suite New Year's Eve

    29. That time we voted for which celeb would make a cameo at the end of High School Musical 2:

    Miley Cyrus in High School Musical 2

    30. That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana:

    That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

    31. Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana:

    Wizards on Deck With Hannah Montana

    32. That Suite Life episode when they put on High School Musical:

    On The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Maddie says "Sharpay! People say I look just like her!" and Zack replies "really? I don't see it"

    33. That time Selena Gomez guest-starred on Hannah Montana:

    Mikayla and Hannah Montana arguing back and forth, "Has-been," "Never was," "Bottle blonde," "Lip syncer," "Bra stuffer"

    34. That time the Jonas Brothers came on Hannah Montana:

    Hannah Montana saying, "Sweet mama, it's the Jonas Brothers"

    35. Mike’s Super Short Show (where two kids would talk about new Disney movies):

    Mike's Super Short Show

    36. Disney 411 (which gave the latest Disney news):

    a host standing outside of a theme park with mic in hand

    37. Disney 365 (ditto):

    Disney 365

    38. Cars Toons/Mater’s Tall Tales:

    Mater's Tall Tales

    39. What A Life! (with kids talking about their parents' jobs):

    What a Life guest in the field ready to talk

    40. Disney Channel Circle of Stars (where a shit ton of Disney stars would sing classic Disney songs as a group):

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    Disney Channel

    41. Re-Micks (where modern music like "I Gotta Feeling" would play over old Mickey cartoons):


    42. Have a Laugh (where they would just play clips of old Mickey cartoons):

    View this video on YouTube

    Disney Channel

    They were REALLY pushing their back catalogue of cartoons.

    43. Radio Disney Top 10 in 60 seconds:

    Radio Disney Top 10 with "Potential Breakup Song" at number 2

    44. And finally, this wasn't on Disney Channel, but those old online games like "Tipton Trouble" and "Bueno Rufus":

    Zack and Cody's Tipton Trouble

    Did we miss your favorite part of old school Disney Channel? Comment below!