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    23 Emotionally Devastating Scenes From Sitcoms And Comedies People Still Aren't Over

    Don't worry, I'm not even going to MENTION Fry's dog. (Oh wait, I just did).

    A while back, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the saddest TV scenes, and even rounded up some of our favorites — now we're back for another round, this time with lesser-known scenes that still make people sob. Here are 23 more devastating scenes from comedies!

    1. On Ted Lasso, when Jamie broke down in Roy's arms after his father embarassed him in front of the entire team:

    Apple TV

    "So beautifully sad."


    2. And in the same episode, when Ted revealed his father had killed himself:

    Ted tells Dr. Sharon that his dad killed himself when he was 16 and maybe that's where his issues stem from and Dr. Sharon says it is and asks if he wants to talk about it, but Ted says he can't, he just wanted Sharon to know
    Apple TV

    Suggested by kristinalawlerf

    3. On How I Met Your Mother, when Barney tried to steal his dad's basketball hoop and confronted him for not being a good father:

    Barney says to his father if he was just going to be some lame dad, why couldn't he do that for Barney? His dad says he has no excuse and owes him a lifetime of apologies, and that he wants to be a part of Barney's life

    "Hearing his voice crack during his 'Why couldn’t you have been that for me?' always makes me feel the feels. Great acting by NPH."


    4. On Schitt's Creek, when David gave Ted advice about Alexis/love in general:

    David tells Ted that Alexis talks about him a lot and that she's changed, then says he's been hurt a lot too, but it's important for them both to remember that sometimes things do work out, and not to piss out because they want to protect themselves

    "This is a really underrated one, but in Schitt's Creek, when David is giving Ted relationship advice and David says, 'I've been burned so many times, I'm basically the human equivalent of the inside of a roasted marshmallow.' This just makes me tear up, especially since Dan's voice breaks while he says it."

    Elaine Brierly

    5. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake and Amy struggled to conceive and decided to take a break from trying for a baby:

    Amy says she really wanted to start a family, and Jake says they are a family, and that they can look into IVF or adoption or forget about it all, but as long as they're together, he's happy

    "Jake and Amy so desperately want to have a baby and experiment with their sex lives before they both get frustrated and want to stop trying, and the episode ends with Amy still not pregnant. I SOBBED. I'm not even ready to have babies yet, but their struggle to conceive just hit something in me."


    6. On How I Met Your Mother, when Robin discovered she couldn't have kids, and the future kids she had been imagining talking to would never exist:

    Robin's imagined kids disappear as she sits in the snowy park drinking eggnog and says "I'm glad you guys aren't real...really glad"

    Suggested by indiesigner

    7. On Will & Grace, when Jake discovered that Karen's "forbidden room" was a nursery:

    Jack asks Karen why she has a baby's room and Karen brings up when she thought she was pregnant a few years back and says she turned the room into a nursery, but she hasn't been in it since

    "There's a moment in Will & Grace that breaks my heart every single time and I don't think I've ever seen mentioned in lists like these: when we see inside Karen's 'forbidden room' and it's a nursery! 😭💔"


    8. On Mom, when Jodi died of an overdose:

    Christy tells everyone that Jodi overdosed and she's gone

    "The show Mom deals with addiction and recovery so it has some dark moments as it is, but the episode where a new member of their group (and Christy's first sponsee) dies of an overdose was heartbreaking."


    9. On Frasier, when Niles had emergency heart surgery:


    Suggested by jaemhe95

    10. And also in the same episode, when everyone flashed back to their hospital experiences while waiting for Niles to come out of surgery:


    "The 'Rooms With a View' Episode from Frasier is one of the best episodes of a sitcom, IMO. Niles needs emergency heart surgery and while everyone is waiting for him to come out of it, we see all the vastly different but powerful moments that happen in a hospital. Niles breaking his leg as a kid. Marty getting shot. Marty learning his wife has end stage cancer. ... It’s all so poignant and beautifully done while also showing ... how people handle stress and grief differently with Niles being a son, brother, husband and friend. ... It has stuck with me from the first time I saw it. It’s heart tugging perfection."


    11. On Suddenly Susan, when Todd died after the actor (David Strickland) died in real life, and the cast spoke to the camera about David:


    "It was sad but beautifully made. It made me cry knowing he was actually gone."


    12. On Adventure Time, when the Ice King's origins were revealed:

    As Simon slowly turns into the ice king, he explains that visions started when he put on the crown but then they kept going even if he wasn't wearing it and that he's scared and wants to fix it but that his mind is changing and now too far gone
    Cartoon Network

    Suggested by kimzuschrist

    13. On Community, when Abed and Troy body-swapped so Troy wouldn't have to break up with Britta, but then Troy did it anyways in Abed's body:

    Troy (as Abed) tells Britta that it feels different, like they're working at it too hard, and just going through the motions, as Abed (as Troy) explains to Jeff that Troy feels relationships should be easy, but it's not with Britta

    "The Community episode when Abed and Troy bodyswap so that 'Troy' can breakup with Britta is another unexpectedly emotional one."


    14. On Futurama, when Leela finally met her parents and flashbacks revealed they'd been looking out for her from afar her whole life:

    a tentacle puts a gift out on the street and Leela finds it and sees the card says "happy birthday Leela"
    Fox / Comedy Central

    Suggested by b47c87955c

    15. On Scrubs, when JD, Turk, and Elliot all lost their patients after the episode made a point that one out of every three patients on average died in the hospital, leaving you expecting only one of them to die:

    JD Turk and Elliot say I'm sorry to their patients' families, as JD gives a voiceover saying that 1/3 of the patients admitted to the hospital die, but some days it's worse odds than that, and on those days you have to try to take something from it

    "When they play the song 'Hallelujah' as they're dying, its unbelievably sad. That one never gets talked about though, and I absolutely love it!"

    Michael David

    16. On The Simpsons, when Homer's mom returned and tried to make up with Homer after abandoning him as a child, but Homer wouldn't accept her apology...and when he changed his mind and went to find her, she was dead:

    Homer's mom says she left because she wanted to make the world a better place, but that she just made her on world worse, and asks Homer to forgive her — Homer says no, but later that night changes his mind and goes to find her but she's dead

    "It was so heartbreaking."


    17. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Terry was stopped by a cop while walking in his own neighborhood just because he was Black:

    Terry says he got stopped by a cop and Rosa asks what he was stopped for, and Terry says he was just walking

    Suggested by elongb2015

    18. And in the same episode, when the other cops had to explain systematic racism to Terry's children:

    Jake says a cop did a bad thing and tried to get the girls' father (Terry) in trouble even though he didn't do anything wrong, and the girls ask if it's because their dad is Black, to which Jake says "yes," and his daughter calls it "scary." Jake agrees.

    "It's such a poignant and accurately horrifying expression of racism in the U.S."


    19. On Regular Show, when Pops sacrificed himself to save the universe:

    Anti-pops says he'll blast Pops into nothing as soon as he lets go, so Pops says he won't let go as they hurtle towards a sun
    Cartoon Network

    "When Pops, the most gentle and kind of all the characters sacrifices himself to save the entire universe...Yeah, rip my heart out, why don't you?"


    20. On Community, when it was revealed what trauma caused Abed to start seeing reality in stop-motion:

    Abed says every year on December 9, his mom visits and they watch Rudolph, and Troy says that today is December 9...later Duncan reads from a card from Abed's mom that says she's not coming to visit and that she has a new family

    Suggested by b47c87955c

    21. And in the same episode, when Abed left Britta (who he imagined as a claymation robot) behind because she lied to him:

    Abed tells Britta

    Suggested by b47c87955c

    22. And finally, when Eleanor tried to convince Chidi not to leave the Good Place in The Good Place finale...:

    Eleanor says she'll be alone if Chidi leaves and she's been alone her whole life and doesn't like it, even if she pretends she does — chidi says he won't go and eleanor, crying, saying "really?"

    "As someone with abandonment issues, that one killed me."

    Save The Drama Fo Yo Llama

    23. ...And then changed her mind and let him go because she knew it was what he wanted:

    Eleanor says the rule she proposed, that Chidi can't leave because it'd make her sad, was unfair and selfish, and that she owes it to him to let him go

    Suggested by livneedsfood1

    Any scenes we missed? Let us know in the comments below!