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    31 Kids Merchandise Design Fails That Keep Me Up At Night

    You've heard of Yoda, now get ready for his lesser-known cousin, Yodorf.

    Alright, who remembers the whole Emma Waston/Belle doll fiasco?

    It's been years, and I'm still haunted by this doll. In a search to find out if this phenomenon is more widespread than I feared, I scoured Reddit looking for similar design fails of beloved characters. Here are some of the worst:

    1. Th-thomas? Is that you?

    2. I'm scared.

    3. Mickey, you look...different.

    4. Elmo??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ELMO???

    5. Is that a minion?

    6. And is this an angry bird?? Why does it have a dog's body??

    7. Oh, god. Not another one.

    8. Tink???

    9. Was this...totally necessary?

    10. Oh, lord. God, no.

    11. AHHHHHH!

    12. AGAIN?!?!

    13. I do not blame this kid for crying.

    14. I feel I am cursed just by looking at this image.

    15. PEPPA??!?

    16. Whatever universe this crossover film is from, I don't want any part in it.

    17. Lightning McQueen, I am truly sorry.

    18. Again? Can we know no peace?

    19. NOT MISTY!!

    20. It's Buzz. Buzz is definitely worst.

    21. Behold, the dark timeline's overlord.

    22. Legend has it that icons were created in his image.


    24. Not even Yoda is safe.

    25. Not Hans and Anna, too. :/

    26. Cursed crossover.

    27. This isn't how I remember Lisa...

    28. BEHIND YOU!

    29. Can't wait to see you in my nightmares tonight, Elsa!

    30. Why would you do this to us, universe?

    31. And good, Nemo?

    Me looking at all these:

    Romero asking "Do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created?" in Spy Kids 2