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    19 TV Scenes That Gave Me The Worst Secondhand Embarrassment Of My Life

    Note to my future baby daddy: Don't sing "You're Having My Baby" to me in front of my parents.

    1. When Ezra and Aria told her family they were together on Pretty Little Liars:

    Ezra tells Aria's parents he loves Aria

    I hate this. I hate this so much. In what world did Ezra think this would go well? And Aria just sort of smiling in the corner...ughhhhhhh.

    2. When Michael revealed he wasn't going to pay the kids' tuition on The Office:

    the kids do a dance and song about how Michael is making their dreams come true — Michael says he'll never forget this day, but he's done something stupid and won't be able to pay their tuition

    The entire show is cringey, but this has got to be the most cringey scene of all.

    3. When Julien gave her "I'm a bully" speech after showing the video of Zoya getting bullied, and asked everyone to put it on social media on Gossip Girl:

    Julien says she was a bully, but not anymore, and will never do it again, asking everyone to record her speech

    "Dubsmash it. Deuxmoi it." I cannot with this dialogue.

    4. When Wes and Cordelia finally kissed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it...did not go well:

    Wes badly kissing Cordelia
    The WB

    Literally the SNL sketch of Peter/Andrew Garfield and Gwen/Emma Stone kissing.

    5. When Skyler mimicked Marilyn Monroe's version of "Happy Birthday" to Ted on Breaking Bad:


    One of the most cringeworthy scenes of all time.

    6. When Betty sang "Mad World" and stripped in Riverdale:

    The CW

    What the hell was this?? Her boyfriend's dad was right there! It was so uncomfortable.

    7. When Finn sang "You're Having My Baby" to reveal to Quinn's family that she was pregnant on Glee:

    Finn singing at the dinner table as Quinn looks horrified

    That was my expression too, Quinn.

    8. When Kevin tried to scam people through an escape room on Kevin Can F*** Himself and then swallowed the key so he wouldn't have to give them the money:

    Kevin swallowing the key

    Everything Kevin does is so cringeworthy. Can she just kill him already?

    9. When Angel (as a puppet) had a heart-to-heart with Nina on Angel:

    Nina calls Angel a hero and sexy but puppet Angel says that's not how he feels
    The WB

    I'm just glad they didn't try to kiss, because I really thought it was heading there.

    10. Just everything about the "What Does the Fox Say?" performance on Glee:

    Tina and Blaine with animal noses on then everyone with puppets chasing Artie and his puppet, who is also in a wheelchair

    Even the actors themselves hated doing this scene.

    11. When Jess got stuck on Sam's car in the car wash on New Girl:

    Sam screaming as Jess on his window in the car wash yells "I'm not crazy!"

    The whole restraining order storyline was just....eek.

    12. And when Jess went to the funeral of a guy she was sexting and realized he'd had a girlfriend, then (badly) pretended she was a sports agent with him:

    Jess badly explaining to the man's friends and family and girlfriend how much the man cared about sports

    Them pretending to sing sports food jingles in the garage...this whole episode was a mess.

    13. When Fleabag accidentally took off her shirt at the loan meeting on Fleabag:

    Fleabag takes her sweater off to reveal her bra, then the bank worker tells her that won't get her far there anymore, and Fleabag apologizes, saying she thought she had a top on underneath

    This happening is my worst fear.

    14. The entire red circle scene on Riverdale:

    The CW

    Why are they shirtless????

    15. When Hanna sort of had an angry breakdown while dancing on Pretty Little Liars:


    I can't even look at this GIF without cringing.

    16. Izzy and Denny's whole ghost sex scene in Grey's Anatomy:

    Izzy with Denny in bed


    17. And when Cordelia had sex with Connor on Angel:

    Cordy having sex with Connor then later walking down the hotel stairs pregnant
    The WB

    Also, when she came out in that wild outfit and announced her pregnancy...they should've known that was Evil Cordy right then.

    18. When Tim thought Deb bid on him at the Boy Toy auction to have sex, but really she wanted him to clean the bathroom on One Tree Hill:

    Deb gasps as she sees Tim in her underwear and Tim covers himself up and screams
    The WB

    19. And finally, when Klaus tried to talk to the teenage version of his Vietnam lover and convince him not to go to Vietnam on The Umbrella Academy:

    Klaus tells Dave he doesn't have to join the army to be a man, and that he shouldn't sacrifice himself, because Klaus loves him, and one day he'll love Klaus too — meanwhile, Dave's uncle tells him to "hit the queer" and Dave punches Klaus

    This scene is so sad, but it's definitely cringeworthy too. You know from the minute Klaus goes in there that things are NOT going to go well.

    What TV scenes always make you cringe? Let us know in the comments below!