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    46 Pictures From Early Facebook That Will Give You Intense Cringe Flashbacks To 2009

    So many mirror selfies with the flash ON.

    The days of early Facebook were truly a different time.

    facebook login page
    MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

    I got a Facebook when I was 13, around 2008, just as Myspace was declining and Facebook was gaining really widespread popularity.

    Social media was still pretty new, plus it was filled with teenagers. And...let's just say we didn't always show our best selves.


    Here are 46 things we all (regrettably) did on Facebook in those early days that are just pure cringe to see now:

    1. Remember how every status would automatically start with "[your name] is" so you'd end up having statuses like, "is vacation" or "is Taylor Swift concert!" Those grammatical errors haunt me.

    news article

    2. And how we used to end every status with "textit<3" or "cellme"? Just...why?

    a status saying &quot;is tiredd from soccer tournament...dinner...bored...any1 want 2 do something 2nite? cellme &amp;lt;3&quot;
    Hannah Marder / Facebook

    3. Was it just me, or did anyone else literally subtweet people or post major cries for help as my statuses?

    4. Or just post a vague song lyric to describe your current mental state.

    a status with the song lyric: &quot;Someday I&#x27;ll be living in a big old city, and all you&#x27;re ever gonna be is mean&quot;
    Hannah Marder / Facebook

    The original subtweet.

    5. Or inside jokes that literally no one else would know, just so you sounded cool.

    status saying &quot;is exhausted from Philly and dance rehearsals but had a lot of fun at both! Bus 2 was amazing! (Simba)

    6. Remember when you could add bumper stickers to your profile?

    7. And — barf — pieces of flair?

    8. The amount that we used XD and =P truly disturbs me.

    status about multitasking with a =P emoticon and someone commenting a :P emoticon
    u/KlyonneSpencer / Reddit / Via

    9. As does the fact that I used to post entire novels for people's birthdays on their walls.

    long rambling birthday message talking about good memories and how long they&#x27;ve been friends

    Couldn't I have said all that privately? Did I really need the whole world to read this?

    10. Why did we think games like Farmville were so fun, and why did we insist on inviting every one of our online friends to play?

    11. Remember the people who would post "LMS" statuses?

    status that says &quot;lms for a song that reminds me of you&quot;

    12. It was always thrilling when people would offer to do "truth is"...and very cringey to actually get the reluctant "truth."

    a status that says, &quot;Lms for a truth is. If I don&#x27;t get to it o went to bed and will tell you at lunch tomorrow&quot;

    You'd get things like "tbh ur funny" or "tbh i don't really know u that well."

    13. Remember those photos where you would tag your friends as different characters?

    &quot;We all have the friends...&quot; with a bunch of pictures of Disney characters labeled things like &quot;the cuddly one&quot; or &quot;the innocent one&quot;
    Facebook / Disney

    How were "the blonde" and "the ginger" full-on identities?

    14. Although my worst nightmare was to be tagged in one of these:


    I never replied. It was always someone I went to dance class with and barely knew.

    15. Or, god forbid, a NOTE:

    a note with 20 random facts about someone, asking for the people tagged to make their own
    u/skimskimskim / Reddit / Via

    These were like chain emails but worse.

    16. Especially if it was a poem:

    a note poem about being a &quot;nice guy,&quot; AKA very entitled and bitter that he&#x27;s not popular
    u/lessdothisshit / Reddit / Via

    I truly wish I could go back in time to a moment when I had not read the above poem.

    17. I guess it was kind of nice to be tagged in stuff like this:

    a quote that says &quot;In life, we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are&quot;

    Unless, of course, you were one of the nontrue friends.

    18. Or this, even though it's definitely cringey, looking back:

    a quote saying &quot;Someday when we&#x27;re in Florida racing golf carts in bejeweled sweatsuits this will all seem hilarious&quot;

    Someone needs to go back in time to 2010 and tell them that bejeweled sweatsuits won't be cool in the future.

    19. Or, even a picture of ourselves with a dramatic song lyric that did not apply to the photo:

    a photo in the snow captioned with &quot;white lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes&quot;

    My friend used to get so annoyed when people would use "white lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes" as a caption on snow photos, since the lyrics are pretty clearly about cocaine and not snow.

    20. Remember mirror selfies with the flash on?

    a girl taking a mirror selfie with the flash obscuring her face
    Alessandra Pace / Getty Images

    Why did we never turn off the flash?

    21. Or the classic duck face and peace sign?

    a girl taking a selfie with a peace sign and duck face
    Casarsaguru / Getty Images

    I don't know about you guys, but I NEVER looked cute when I did this.

    22. We got minion memes a bit later on:

    a picture of a minion from Despicable Me with the words &quot;Wi-Fi went down for five minutes, so I had to talk to my family. They seem like nice people&quot;
    u/Obi--Wan_Kenobi / Reddit / Via

    Why do minions always hate their family/wife?

    23. But nothing compares with early Facebook memes:

    Bonus points if it was the above quote but the minions version.

    24. Why did we feel the need to post quotes like this and tag our friends??

    Claypotideas / Facebook

    Save that for the group chat.

    25. Or post pictures of words written in the sand?

    &quot;Love&quot; written in the sand
    Cristian H. Gomez / Getty Images

    It was always "love" or "summer." Or your name.

    26. Or spell out words with our hands?

    a hand spelling out the word &quot;Love&quot;
    Hannah Marder / Facebook

    Why were we obsessed with the word "love"?

    27. Or make hearts with our hands?

    two girls making a heart with their hands
    Martin-dm / Getty Images

    This was just a precursor to doing sorority symbols with your hands in college.

    28. Why did we like SO MANY random pages??

    a bunch of Facebook pages, including one for a Hangover quote, one about studying for midterms, one about having a weird song on your iPod, and one about sleeping in class
    Hannah Marder / Facebook

    And why were there entire pages just for one joke? Couldn't that just be a status? What did belonging to that page do for us?

    29. And create groups for everything — from school projects to concerts — but ESPECIALLY to collect numbers after losing our phones.

    groups titled things like &quot;new phone need numbers&quot;

    30. Nothing makes me cringe now like a Picnik-edited photo:

    a blurry photo of two girls with drawn hearts that says &quot;I have a hand, and you have another, put them together and we have each other&quot;
    Hannah Marder / Facebook

    That's me on the left. Peep the side bangs.

    31. Except maybe photos from Photo Booth with filters so strong, you could barely see them:

    Andy Warhol-style four-picture grid with two women posing in each picture with different colors for each
    Margaret Marder / Facebook

    ~So artsy.~

    32. Or the ones that distorted your face:

    a girl with a filter stretching the top of her face strangely

    Not the most flattering.

    33. Did anyone else make endless FaceInHole pics, or was that just me??

    a girl with her face replacing that of a woman in a black and white image in the snow
    Hannah Marder / Facebook

    I thought I looked so hot, and it wasn't even me.

    34. Among my fondest Facebook memories are when people I didn't like got hacked, although the notifications with them selling shoes at discount prices were annoying:

    a bunch of light up shoes

    One time, a family friend got hacked and they changed her name to "Kelly Kicksluver," and I still laugh about it.

    35. Why did we think people wanted to see our feet?

    a bunch of feet in a circle

    ^At least they're not all Converse in that picture.

    36. Or our faces staring down at them in a circle?

    a bunch of friends in a circle with their arms around each other looking down at the camera
    Martin-dm / Getty Images

    Kind of creepy.

    37. Or us lying on the grass with friends?

    two girls lying in the grass with their heads next to each other laughing
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    Who was taking these photos?

    38. And did we really think that these pages asking to bring back the old versions of Facebook would work?

    a facebook page called &quot;Bring Back Old Version of Facebook&quot;

    Also, does anyone remember the Jake and Amir sketch on this?

    39. I shudder to remember the time we all posted Disney characters as our profile pictures:

    Belle from Beauty and the Beast
    Walt Disney Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

    I picked Belle, of course.

    40. Remember getting into epic poke wars?

    notifications of two people poking someone a lot
    u/Taco_tower / Reddit / Via

    Also, remember the word "epic"?

    41. And all the memes about poke wars?

    a meme with a picture of Kip with the words &quot;She poked me back in under 30 seconds, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious&quot;
    u/tootsiesprunkles / Reddit / Via

    Also, this meme format.

    42. And uploading 80,000 blurry pictures after going to a concert?

    Taylor Swift far away at a concert
    Hannah Marder / Facebook

    ^Yes, this is from a Taylor Swift concert. My first, actually.

    43. I am saddened to see that the "most people will scroll past this" posts are still a staple among the older crowd on Facebook:

    a status saying people go through hard times and that people should copy and paste this status to show solidarity

    Who starts these??

    44. I really don't think anyone wanted to see the screenshots of the Skype sessions we were always posting:

    two people video chatting, with one showing roses to the other
    Leopatrizi / Getty Images

    ^They were usually a lot blurrier than this, too.

    45. Or of our high scores on games like Flappy Bird:

    a screenshot of a Flappy Bird score screen with a score of 176
    Hannah Marder / Facebook

    ^Okay, but this was a pretty good score.

    46. And finally, the thing we should all be most embarassed of...those chain statuses we would post so that Facebook "couldn't use our pictures":

    a status saying you don&#x27;t give Facebook permission to use your info, and that others need to copy and paste this status to protect themselves

    Oh, sweet summer children. We really thought Facebook wasn't already using our photos/info.

    Whew, what a time. What cringey things do you remember from early Facebook? Let me know in the comments below!