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19 Tweets About People “Deciding” The Coronavirus Is Over (Even Though It’s Definitely Not)

Spoiler Alert: You should still be wearing your mask.

Look, I get it: we're all sick of the quarantine. As states reopen and media coverage shifts, many seem to think the coronavirus threat is over.

All the TikTokers are TikToking with other tiktokers again!!! Does this mean corona is over? Or...

However, let's be clear: Coronavirus is still VERY MUCH a threat, and the CDC is still recommending you wear a mask.

Viruses have longer attention spans than humans do. So pretending COVID is over isn’t the same as COVID actually being over.

On Saturday, the world saw its largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases. Cases are on the rise, and as states reopen it's more important than ever that you WEAR YOUR MASK!!!

Here are just a few great tweets that can get this message across better than I can:


Truly amazing that we stopped taking precautions against the virus because we *checks notes* got bored of it.


"are you wearing the C—" “the CDC recommended face covering because we’re still in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic? yeah, i am.”

Anne Hathaway also posted this on her Instagram.


After seeing half a country actively reject wearing a mask during a pandemic, I would like to apologize to the filmmakers of every horror movie ever made for calling their characters unbelievably dumb for going into the murder basement.


Whoever made this didn’t miss


If you’re pissed off about wearing a mask, wait till you hear about seatbelts!


I don’t understand how COVID is worse than ever after we’ve tried everything from pretending it’s over to pretending it never happened


corona watching america go back to normal life


I laboured for 7 hours and gave birth in a mask so I think the rest of you can wear one for like 10 minutes to go inside a store to grab a Jamba Juice or whatever you do


As I finished spraying alcohol & water mix over my groceries, I couldn't help but wonder...was the Recoleta DJ that off-limits? Were the Beastie Boys wrong and you shouldn't fight for your right to party? When it comes to have fun during COVID-19, should we just Bresh and reboot?


Now I be like “oh fuck i forgot my mask” like im spiderman or something


"Things Would Get Better If People Cared About Other People"


i guess people are not wearing mask over their nose coz it stops them from poking into other's business


My face inside my mask when I see a mf not wearing one


@anxietymachine @bocxtop had a lady come into my store with a surgeon mask on a stick (similar to the photo) that she held over her face and, when she would talk to us, she would move it away. girl this is not a masquerade, please leave the store


a client at our med spa just said “Isn’t covid over? no ones talking about it anymore.” when I explained why we were appointment only and why our doors remained locked. she asked me, “how long is this going to last?” BITCH AM I GOD?



wear a mask because thou shalt not covid thy neighbor’s wife


if "all lives matter" why won't you wear a mask at the grocery store?


If my grandmother survived 4 years in concentration camps during the Holocaust, you can wear a fucking mask for 15 minutes in Wal-Mart.


@PhilippeReines The Virus doesn’t care if you’re bored The Virus doesn’t care what you believe The Virus doesn’t care who you voted for The Virus doesn’t care how big your 401K is The Virus doesn’t even care if you Live or Die The Virus just wants to Replicate in Your Lungs 😏