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21 Holiday Cards From This Year That Made Me Laugh Through My Tears

Goodbye and good riddance, 2020.

2020 has been A YEAR. I think it's safe to say that most of us are glad to see it go.

2020 candles on fire

This holiday season especially certainly isn't normal, which is something you might have seen reflected in your holiday cards this year. Here are some of the best Christmas cards of 2020!

1. This spot-on Peanuts-themed card that depicted 2020 as the dumpster fire it's been.

The best 2020 holiday card, courtesy of my brother and sister in law

At least we'll always have A Charlie Brown Christmas.

2. This amazing piece of art that referenced one of my favorite 2020 Bingo moments: the murder hornets.

Are murder hornets still around? Should we be worried?

3. This hilarious newspaper-style card, which lists favorite family activities as "eating chocolate" and "making stupid videos."


4. This hilarious Zoom call–themed card, complete with dressed-up pets and Granny having trouble with technology.

Winner of Best Christmas Card!!! @JoannaWeidman ! ❤️🎄

I wish my pets were this festive.

5. This disaster movie–esque Photoshop that honestly might be from 2021 at this rate.

What's next? The zombie apocalypse?

6. This card that perfectly captures our lukewarm attitude toward the holidays and exhausted attitude toward life.


7. This wonderful company holiday card, which poked fun at working from home.

Our company Christmas card. You’re welcome.

And referenced the best Christmas movie, of course.

8. This card that basically sums up what it feels like to live in 2020:

Me every day when I wake up and read the news: "This is fine."

9. And another with a similar theme.

At least the fire will keep them warm?

10. This card, which paid homage to Zoom calls and had an amazing photo shoot that captured our mood this year.

Omg our 2020 holiday cards are here and they are PERFECT

Danielle is actually a photographer — you can follow her at @danielleleongphoto or click her Twitter account above!

11. This blank holiday card that was somehow perfect for this year.

2020 was an unusual year so we had an unusual holiday card. Happy holidays from the Meyers!

We're all empty inside.

12. This holiday card that both captures how time does not feel real and also how creative we've had to be in taking vacations this year.

Raise your hand if you've called vacation time and had a margarita at 11 a.m. at least once this quarantine.

13. This Hazmat-suit inspired Christmas card, where even the pets got in on the fun.

I'm def getting Among Us vibes, too.

14. This _Among Us_–inspired Christmas card, which referenced one of the only good parts of 2020.

Anyone else excited for the new map??

15. And this _Schitt's Creek_–themed one that actually made me smile.

I guess there was more than one good thing in 2020 after all!

16. This silly Christmas card, which used an aging app to show how much older we all feel after this year.

17. This definitely-NOT-photoshopped card that references our bread-baking phase.


18. This to-the-point Christmas card.


19. This card with a play on words, which revealed where all those cleaning supplies that went missing back in March went.

That tree topper is...something else.

20. This short text-based Christmas card that was a bit depressing.

Pretty abrupt ending to the letter in the Christmas card from my aunt and uncle.

But also relatable.

21. And finally, this hilarious movie poster–inspired card that poked fun at how this year feels never-ending.

Check out the "Vote 2020" hat, too.

2020 is finally (almost) over, and we're looking back on the year. Check out even more from the year here!